Kheema Biriyani

Kheema Biriyani

Kaima Biriyani:

Keema Biriyani. Minced Meat Biriyani. Kothukari Biriyani.

Imagine getting meat in every bite of biriyani you have!!! I have friends saying…..they like just Kushka but not the meat in Biriyani so much! My another set of friends here are passionate meat lovers! To be a good host, one should know what the guest wants….not that one could prepare something easy/good at it! When one of the guest was a Non-Vegetarian at Gandhiji’s Ashram….Gandhiji asked to prepare meat for his guest(of course the Great man genuinely refused it, that’s the different story). I was told to do the same by my Dad!

When it comes to making biriyani its always the ratio for me….balancing meat with rice. When I had guests who love lots of meat in their food, I tried to figure out this innovative minced meat one’ so that as per the schedule I could balance the ratio and offer taste in every single bite. Kool, everyone enjoyed it to the core! Hope y’ll should find it interesting too!!!


For Meat Marination:

Minced meat 1/2 kilo
Ginger-garlic paste 1 spoon(freshly prepared)
Green chili 2 minced
Scallion 1 grated
Country Tomato 1 grated
Mint 6-8 leaves bruised
Cilantro leaves bruised few
Lemon 1 fruit freshly squeezed
Rock Salt
Chili Powder 1/4 spoon
Yogurts 1/4 cup.

For Biriyani:

Short Grained Rice 2 cups
Green chilies 6 slitted
Onions 2 sliced
Tomatoes 6 chopped
Chili powder (optional…its not used generally)
Mint 10 leaves
Cilantro few leaves
Ghee 1 cup.


Cloves 3
Cinnamon 2 sticks
Cardamom 6 crushed
Bay leaves 3 crumbled
Star anise 2
Marati Mokku 3
Rose petal few(dried)
Birinji flower 1
Saffron few strands – tapped


In a wide crock pot, heat ghee. Throw in all the spices. Let them crackle up.

Then add chilies, wait till it splutters and turns white.

Followed by onions…fry real good till golden. Maybe add salt to hasten your process.

Now tomatoes….cover and cook. When tomatoes turn pulpy, add chili powder.

Stir-in marinated minced meat. Cover and cook till meat is tender. It takes really………..long time!

When the meat is tender and oil shows up on top, make sure there is no extra moisture. Then stir-in rice.

Let the rice get well fried for brief period. Then measure your water and add the same.

Cover and cook in a least possible heat. I always slow cook under sim, the no-1 knob here. Again it takes 1 to 1 and a 1/2 hours on stove top. Well one could set these in oven over 350 degrees for 3 whole hours. Choice is yours!

Enjoy with accompany of Vellore Serva, Spanish Onion raita and Hard boiled egg!


3 Responses so far.

  1. Premyscakes says:

    Biriyani looks gr8, I luv that color. Color matters very much in biriyani. I dont like reddish. yours look perfect.Even veg kebabs looks yummy.Wishing u a very happy new year.

  2. Malar Gandhi says:

    Thanks Premy, Wish you happy New Year! Most of the people use food color, but I don’t…..the natural chili powder leaves enough color to the food…

  3. Ramya Bala says:

    I am gonna try this soon and will let u know..All ur biriyani recipes are so temptg :) ))By Short grained rice,u mean the kuska arisi?a

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