Masala Popcorn – I am Such A Dork!

Masala Popcorn – I am Such A Dork!

I know, this is not a recipe at all. Please don’t get mad at me! I get pretty wild if someone offers me popcorn…wanna know the real reason behind it? I was tricked by my Mom…when I was a baby! She used it like a bait and lured me to a confined lil place and made me stay quiet:(

Every family has a funny story to be told at almost every family gatherings. In my family, they keep pulling my leg all the time:( Well, its the story of the time when I was 2 years old. They said, I used to be so mischievous that my Mom has to make me stand in an inverted stool (which will be like a cage), and put some popcorn n puffed rice (pori) in front of me. Therefore I won’t be disturbing her…while she is busy carrying on with her routine household work!!

I have heard the story several times, that it is so hard to tell, where my memory ends and the story begins. At one point, I was so furious at my Mom, who made me…look like a helpless puppy! But, she added…when once, she felt so guilty and made me free, unfortunately the same day, I disappeared in the noon, leaving everyone in distress and confusion. Later, they found me walking happily behind the ice cream vendor. Oh man, I am so ashamed of my childhood stories. Gosh, considering the fact…I am mature now, wish they stop teasing me:(

Masala Popcorn

Sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric over the corn kernels. Mix 2-4 teaspoons of oil, as well. Cover and microwave over high for 2-3 minutes. (Actually I reversed the simple procedure…popped and then tried adding the color :P ) Hope, you all knew that the kernels rise 4-6 times bigger…make sure that your oven safe vessel is big enough. Once the popping noise comes down, remove from the microwave. Well…give a minute resting time…before opening the contents. It has superb latent heat, may burn your fingers.


17 Responses so far.

  1. zainab says:

    nice recipe…more thn the masala popcorn i enjoyed reading ur childhood story :) ….

  2. Raji says:

    I love home made popcorn…what all ways moms have to find to keep the lil ones busy.

  3. divya says:

    Healthy and delicious recipe…looks simply superb!!

  4. Tina says:

    masala popcorn looks yummy…

  5. very nice to read your story, and popcorn also sounds too good,

  6. Chitra says:

    Such a sweet childhood story. By the way, did you get any ice-cream that day? :-) )))

  7. Roshu says:

    me n ma daughter fight for the same

  8. Malar Gandhi says:

    Chitra, I believe…I would have got nice coatings on the back for sneaking away, am positive ‘No Ice Cream Treat’:( Let me check with her…

  9. Suman Singh says:

    Masala popcorn looks tempting!

  10. Popcorns are our family’s fav.Love the crispnes.In btw,thanks for ur award.Will post soon in my blog.

  11. sangee vijay says:

    like other readers me too enjoyed reading ur story :) masala pop corn,our family favorite …

  12. Panchpakwan says:

    Popcorns are always delicious snack..

  13. Swathi says:

    Masala popcorn looks awesome delicious.

  14. Vidhya says:

    That was indeed a nice story no wonder its been retold again and again.
    Popcorn look awesome liked the idea of adding turmeric.

  15. It was nice to read your childhood story. We all have some funny childhood stories…:)

    Popcorn, by the way, looks great.

    ~ Arundhuti

  16. I liked ur stories more than the popcorn :)

  17. TipsNDeals says:

    itresting story and love ur recipe too..n thanx for ur lovely comment and stopping by my blog..I’m looking forward to reading more about u..

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