Culinary Astrology – Birth Star and Diet!

Culinary Astrology – Birth Star and Diet!


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Most Indians are highly dependent on Astrology for all the important decisions and events in their life.

Indian marriages do not take place without a detailed consultation with one’s family astrologer. Now, don’t look at me like that…things are different in my home-country. Just like the way people have family doctors, most of us in India do have our own family astrologers. :)

Long story short, if you have courted a person and fell in love; or your parents have arranged a marriage according to your mate-preferences; or you’re secretly in love with your cousin (you’re allowed to date your cousins, in some communities)…it doesn’t matter! If your astrological sign doesn’t gel up with your mate’s birth star in a certain way that it should…then, getting married to the same person is a big challenge!!! Go figure…

In a nutshell, many other kinds of decisions are also made using astrology everyday; such as consummation time after marriage, building a house, house warming function, baby showers, naming ceremonies, buying a new vehicle, traveling abroad, joining a office, opening a business establishment, spring plowing and sowing and even the surgical procedures are scheduled according to one’s birth star’s planetary position!

The astrologer draws various intricate details by looking at your birth star’s position and hands over a correct date and exact time for these auspicious events to take place in your life! That is, for example…if you wanna build a house, you will not only require enough money for down payment, a plan approval, a piece of land and a good civil engineer or bunch of workers to carry out. First and foremost, your astrologer needs to approve the decision. Thus, he/she (usually its he) brings back your astrological chart and lets you know, when is a right time to proceed.

A vedic astrologer may have studied dutifully, passed various exams and earned a bunch of certificates. However, his credentials do improve only through a word of mouth…if his predictions come close to 80% which is very rare and certainly not uncommon, his popularity increases n reputation builds-on! Over the time, some astrologers even become specialist in ‘match making’ or as ‘land promoters’!

If you are wondering…whatz up with the birth star thingie that am talking about?! Its like your personal map to your destiny, that was drawn by your parents or grandparents at the time of your birth! They take the exact time (not just AM and PM, accurate minute and seconds are also required) of your birth into account; including the date, month and year! The place of birth is important too; to calculate the degrees [using latitude and longitude degrees – yeah yeah...things that I knew little about. :(   ] Anyway,..that’s how every Indian child has a road map of their life, all written down within few hours, when they were born! If something goes whacky, there is always someone to blame for miscalculation. :) :)

Today, you can have your chart made using some software, I suppose. I bumped into this, if you wanna give it a shot…check it out here:

For today’s post, its an article about ‘Culinary Astrology’ (A compatible diet according to one’s birth star) written by M.P.Gandhi (my beloved Dad), who is off-lately hooked up with ‘Vedic Astrology’. He has contributed his work for believers. :) Hope, you all will enjoy it…

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Article – Courtesy M.P.Gandhi

Nakshatra Natchathiram English
Ashwini Aswini Indian pretzel Sashkuli Murukku
Bharani Barani pancakes Apubam Appam
Kritika Krithigai Lentil’s Fritters Mashabhoobam Vadai
Rohini Rogini - Madhuchakram Jilebi
Mrigashirsha Mirighasesham - Kridhapooragam Halwa
Ardrai Thiruvadhirai Puffed Rice Lajam Pori
Punarvasu Punarpusam Pudding Payasam Payasam
Pushya Poosam Pudding Payasam Payasam
Ashlesha Ayilyam  - Laddugam Laddu
Magha Magam  - Gulaboopam Adhirasam
Purva Pooram Heavy Yogurts Dadikoorsam Thayir Katti
Uttara Utharam - Vadabakram Ilai Vadagam
Hasta Astham Honey Comb Madhusooranam Thaen Koodu
Chitra Chithirai Fruit Juice Mudhira Pazha Rasam
Svati Swathi Yogurt’s Cream Dadirasam Thayir Edu
Visakha Visagham Butter Navaneetham Vennai
Aruradha Anusham Candied cream Kilaadam Baasandhi
Jyeshtha Kettai Milk Fudge Sheera Laddukam Thirattupaal
Mula Moolam Peppered Fritters Mareesiaboopam Milagu Vadai
Purva Asadha Puradam Dates Garjoori Pericham Pazham
Uthara Ashadha Uthiradam Dumplings Modhagam Kozhukattai
Shravana Thiruvadhirai Steamed cakes Balikarambam Idli
Dhanishta Avittam Crepes Dandula Chakram Dosa
Shantabhissha Sadhayam Mixed Vegetables Sagapooranam Aviyal
Purva Bhadrapada Purattadhi Fried Food Sushkasagam Varuval
Uttara Bhadrapada Uttaratadhi Rice Flakes Tharpanam Aval
Revathi Revathi Sugar Cane Juice Itchusaram Karumbu Saar

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