Soft Roti – Imitating Mom’s Style:)

Soft Roti – Imitating Mom’s Style:)

Hoooray Blogger Is Back:) You know what? I realized that, life really sucks without blogging:( When blogger was taken down for maintenance and debugging or something…I kind of went nuts!! First of all…I was looking out for a way to reach my fellow blog friends…yes, we all shared the same sentiments! Many expressed their regrets, some were really pissed-off and definitely we were all looking so dull without being able to post!Oops looks like we are all bit addicted to it! Anyhooo, now that it is back to normal, me too resumed back with same energy:) However, it has come to my notice that, my 12th May 2011 Post about ‘Vegetables Tomato Soup‘ got disappeared!! And so does the comments:( I am terrible sorry for missing all your lovely words, friends:(
Soft Roti:

Well, imitating someone’s style is the last thing I want to do in my life! But, right now there is absolutely no lajja (shame)to adapt n copy Mom’s style of culinary habits! Even though I spend awful lot of time in the kitchen n buffing my knowledge about recipes and techniques…you see, I couldn’t be able to make the way Mommy did:(

I am simply amazed at her culinary skills. Even the simple recipe gets a lot of attention, the uniformity, consistency and that flawless completion! The things that went without notice and appreciation is now hitting back on me:( I am truly impressed when she intends to make chappathis / rotis. Trust me, she doesn’t use even a pinch of dusting flour for rolling them! However, all the rotis at the end will be in geometrically perfect. If she aims at 8″ round or if 6″ triangle, every single piece will be done in a similar fashion!!! Whereas, me??? I am having hard time making one single chappathi with a perfect shape! I always end up having either Australia or Antarctica or Africa for my dinner…I meant the shapes of my rotis:(

Ingredients and Method:

Refined or fortified flour, salt as per taste, warm water and few teaspoons of ghee.

First warm the ghee and sprinkle over the flour. Mix well, so that the flour crumbles. Now add salt and pour warm water, little by little and knead through. Give lot of pressure while kneading, I guess this ensures softness. Well, bring this dough up to smooth-fissure less finish.

Now leave this set-up in the refrigerator for couple of hours.

Then divide them into equal parts and roll them down, fold two or three times…smear oil and dust flour, if necessary and roll them uniformly again. Repeat the same for all the remaining dough.

Now heat a skillet and toast the flat bread till lightly brown on both the sides.

Enjoy with an accompaniments of curries, korma or masala.


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  1. Aren’t all our moms great? I mean to say, no one beats mom’s food, absolutely no one. Love this roti. I think the trick is in the kneading :)

  2. reminded me of my mom’s chapathi ..even i do it tht shape whenever my son says mom want to have triangular chapathi just like how granny prepares:)

  3. Malar Gandhi says:

    You are absolutely right, Priya. No one could beat Mom’s cooking! Even when a top chef prepares something with great ease…it doesn’t brings the same warmth as Mommy did:(

  4. Vidhya says:

    This recipe sounds like a winner.I read your article in India currants today. I was so happy to see your name,it was then I realized how close we all are though I have not met you.The article was well written and informative too.

  5. sangee vijay says:

    Amma samayalkku nigar aethuvum illai…amma samayalnna chumma…s as u said if she 50 rotis all the rotis will be in same shape,size n evenly cooked… Great illa…Africa,antartica …those lines were too funny :) it’s always amazing n interesting to read your posts malar…I love each n every bit of well the recipe…chapathi looks so soft n tempting …

  6. Malar Gandhi says:

    Dear Vidhya,

    Am glad that you saw my article in India Currents, thank you so much for the appreciation:)

  7. Malar Gandhi says:


    Thanks for your lovely words, much appreciated:)

  8. I learnt this from my dad and it was very soft… Now make chapathis this way only…

  9. ? says:

    Yes, the ability to have the consistency and the flavour each time is reserved, in most cases to our mothers…:-D
    The triangle-shape, folded one’s were easier to maste, while the rounds are still not perfect..going to everything surrounding/imitating a circle and a few one’s turning out to be actually circles!

  10. kitchenmorph says:


    thnx muxc for stopping by…guess what three of my comments have disappeared too…it includes yours too!!!

    i’ve heard Blogger does act up…sigh.

    this is an xxcellent post…i can even pinch it for my Bachelor series ;P

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