Apple Sauce – Baby’s First Choice

Apple Sauce – Baby’s First Choice

Hello Hello Great Ladies, Mommies and Nannies (Daddies if any too)! I made it through. :) Yeah, my lil infant accepted her first meal, finally. She must have felt sorry for me and gave in. :)

Phew! Sigh and deep breath! If you could relate to my situation…of unbelievable tantrums, yelling, turning away, crocodile tears, sticky mashed food everywhere (except mouth), spilled milk on the floor…

Let me take another deep breath. Mom-hood is pretty rough…especially the feeding part! I almost tried every food blogger’s advice and kept trying. It worked. :) The real credit goes to the three gems of my life. Sageetha Vijay, Gita Jaishankar, and Chitra Chandrasekar. They not only advised me on time to what to whip, how to feed but also stay-put listening to my laments and kept cheering. My baby’s God Mothers. Thank you, sweet hearts, love you all. :)

Kushi Apple




This recipe is here for you – quick, fun and beyond satisfying for both baby and toddler. I use glass jars to store and fill them in a reusable pouch to feed. See, if you like the idea. Pick a ripe red apple, wash and clean it. Now, peel and core it. Steam cook the same for about a few minutes and puree it along with palm’s lump sugar, and a teaspoon of ghee. Always make sure that you sterilized your cook wares and storage bottles. Never leave the canister on counter top. Refrigerate promptly.


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