Ghi Alu – Ghee Roasted Potatoes

Ghi Alu – Ghee Roasted Potatoes

Urulai Kizhangu – Nei Varuval:

Ghee Roasted Potatoes. Asli Ghi Aloo. Desi Ghi Aloo.

Yeah, you guessed it right, had nothing to do with’ on the other day. So, usual…was playing with my food, as I went throwing in few things in the pan, a new dish was born! Anyhow the result is important, technically it lacks any description tho’, but I just wanted to call it ‘Ghi Alu’. All I did is, got carried away with desi ghi, which happened to be very aromatic(you know). I agree, I agree…its sacred food’ back home and one shouldn’t abuse it. But you see, my chances of using our ethnic stuff and native vegetables are meek here (the only nearby Indian store is 150 miles away). Being a nostalgic gastronomic person…I have to treat myself, once in a while! Aaah, why am I confessing so hard over 6 teaspoons of ghi!!! Am I guilty?

Non-Vegetarian’s take a look here:

Nei Kozhi – Ghee Chicken


Golden Potatoes 2-4 large – sliced/cubed, whatever
Ghi/ghee/clarified butter 6-8 spoons
Garlic powder 1 spoon
Turmeric 1 pinch
Pepper powder 2-4 spoons/ or even more’ as required
Curry leaves toastd and crushed
Cumin seeds 1 spoon.


In a wide pan, melt 2 spoons of ghee. Add cumin seeds and wait till they splutter.

Add potatoes, Cover and cook briefly. Once it is done, soft and tender…remove the lid. Add all the other ingredients(except remaining ghee). Now fry over high.

Add ghee whenever you feel like, once they are done crisp and aromatic, remove from heat.

Serve steaming hot:)


41 Responses so far.

  1. Pari says:

    Wow, I can eat the entire plate without burping..LOL
    Really looks good and surely a good finger food.
    Keep visiting:)

  2. ARUNA says:

    Easy yet very tasty dish!!!!

  3. Priya says:

    Yummy!!!!tempting roasted potatoes..

  4. must have tasted awesome…
    Reminds me of a story with ghee, aloo and jeera… Maybe I will post one day…

  5. Trendsetters says:

    well, I can give it to my daughter ..very nice crispy potatoes

  6. Vrinda says:

    Sounds gr8 with ghee….looks yumm…

  7. wow.. nice entry.. looks yummy & delicious..

  8. Sayantani says:

    ghee alu in bengal is mashed boiled potato with ghee which I thoroughly dislike. this one is lovely.

  9. Sanjana says:

    Oh wow, how amazing would those be with tamarind chutney?! The potatoes must soak up all of that wonderful aromatic ghee.. yumyum!

  10. Swathi says:


    Ghee aloo looks delicious.
    you can get raw plantain from
    walmart or indian store and keep them outside with an apple. they ripe within one week depending upon ripness

  11. says:

    Potato wedges scrumpticious.But I make using olive oil.Enjoy the ghee once in awhile is ok.

  12. Latha says:

    Oh my! Potatoes and nei… you are not guilty at all. I’ve posted a urulai recipe too.

  13. Rina says:

    Should be super yummy ..malar..will definetly try this version of potatoes..

  14. AshKuku says:

    Loved the dash of curry leaves on the roasts…. Looks good & to taste it must be very pleasing… especially to the taste buds…. Hmmmm……


  15. Nithu Bala says:

    Wow! ghee roasted potatoes are yummy..

  16. Ana Powell says:

    Gosh, lovely and delicious potato wedges.
    Have a great weekend x

  17. Gita says:

    Ghi alu looks good dear…simple and easy to prepare it :)

  18. This looks good, must try it one of this day.

  19. sangi says:

    wow!Ghee aloo luks super delicious!!!
    The pic luks very tempting!

    Tnx a lot 4 stopping by ‘simply delicious’

  20. Neetz says:

    goodness it looks so yummy i would love to have one :) …very nice one dear :)

  21. Alu ghee looks very tempting and delicious!!!!!

  22. priya says:

    yummy and nice clicks, dear

  23. potato cooked in ghee tastes so good..and the flavours used in it must have made it even more tasty..

  24. Tina says:

    Simply superb and delicious…

  25. PriyaRaj says:

    Very nuch tempting ,mouth watering fries dear …..looking very hot & spicy …

  26. hey great and crispy crunchy potato dish..can eat all the plate.. :P

  27. Latha says:

    Simple & nice ….potatoes look delicious.

  28. Meena says:

    What a wonderful recipe…so tasty…

  29. Dear malar
    such a nice dish! I can get the aroma of this dish.
    I have all the ingredients, God willing and weather permitting I will go to the bangla deshi shop tomorrow..I am sure ghee will be availavle there…then there will be respite from bread and more bread every day

    have a nice sunday

  30. Ms.Chitchat says:

    Who would not want to have ghee alu. Looks absolutely mouth watering. Clicks are perfect.

  31. Pavithra says:

    Anything with potato I am in.. with ghee.. mmmm mouthwaters.

  32. Sashi says:

    I have prepared similar kind of wedges recently. Still in my draft. Looks delicious Malar !!

  33. Parita says:

    Love these…they look so very delicious, i could grab some right now!

  34. Mmmmm, nei potatoes look perfectly browned and flavoured ( love the addition of garlic powder), I’d love that with thayir saadham and pickle!!! delicious potatoes!!! loved the recipe for nei chicken too!!!

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