How To Crack Open A Pomegranate

How To Crack Open A Pomegranate

Now, how hard it could be to seed a pomegranate? Well, its not all about smartness, friends! Did you ever make a bloody mess of it and painted the whole kitchen red? Then, this post is for you. I have seen people, inconsiderately putting a sharp knife through it and squirt n spill the juice around them! That’s certainly not a good way to pull-apart this fruit! My mother says, its a curse to use an iron knife on tender fruits! How true. Yes, it could be done lot easier if you learn a few tricks. Believe me, you won’t spill a speck!

The tough leathery skin holds these ruby-red jewel like seeds or arils  of the pomegranate. We need to dismember these shiny beads gently.

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  • First, choose a plump fruit with a soft skin. Do not go far super-fry skinned ones, they are not fresh!
  • Bring a wide prep-bowl and a pairing knife will do.
  • If you hate staining your palm, wear a gloves; have some kitchen towels next to you and stay close to running tap water.
  • Now, make 4-6 gentle slits over the fruit’s leathery bark…do not cut through!
  • Pull the skin apart, the arils will be bright enough. Put them in a prep-bowl and fill it with water.
  • Gently de-seed under the water…this way, the juice won’t spill over everything around you.
  • Store them in an airtight container and leave it in the refrigerator until use.

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  1. Sukanya says:

    Very useful information Malar. You’ve covered it all, right from choosing the fruit to how to cut it and how to store it…Good one.Thanks!!!

  2. Chitz says:

    This is a great way !! I have seen juice wallas in my office canteen use a ladle and tap the pomegranate on it’s skin which will make the seeds fall out of the pod.. That was also super easy.. But urs will not hurt the fruit & as ur mom says no curse too :)

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