Vazhaikai Karamathu / Vazhaikai Podimass – Tamil Nadu Style

Vazhaikai Karamathu / Vazhaikai Podimass – Tamil Nadu Style

Also known as: Green Plantain Stir-Fry. Kacha Kela Subzi. Aratikaya Kura. Vazhaikai Poriyal. Vazhaikai Karamadhu. Iyengar Vazhaikai Poriyal.

Ingredients:Carolina Cooking 410

  • Green plantain 2
  • Ginger 2″ grated
  • Chilies 2 finely chopped
  • Turmeric 1/4 spoon
  • Salt
  • Chana dal 2 spoons
  • Urad dal 2 spoons
  • Mustard
  • Asafoetida 1 pinch
  • Curry leaves
  • Grated Coconut few tsp
  • Oil few spoons


  1. Steam cook the plantain and peel off its skin. Nice mince or dice them finely.
    In a wok, heat oil and add all the spices, followed by the vegetable.
  2. Stir-fry over high heat for 5-7 minutes or till crisp and aromatic.
  3. Serve to go as a side dish for South Indian meals.

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27 Responses so far.

  1. really delicious one.i like potato podimas too.i like the podimas because its so easy to make..

  2. Shriya says:

    Wow!! Vazhakkai looks tempting.

  3. Yummy Team says:

    Thats a wonderful dish, Malar. Never tasted podimass before…Great recipe!

  4. i love this sabji when my mom makes….yummy….bful color….tempting pics…

  5. Rekha shoban says:

    thanks for sharing…really gud one!

  6. AshKuku says:

    I love kacha kele….. Awesome preps one can make & very delightfully delectable, they all are….. I like the gravy & dry sabzi that mom prepares, Mangalorean Style & I love the Bihari way of gravy too… Tastes like chicken…. Yummy!!!!!


  7. BeenaShylesh says:

    nice recipe dear….gud combination with rice…will give a try…

  8. Priya says:

    My all time favourite podimass, love them with rasam or sambar…yumm!

  9. Vinolia says:

    Vazhakka poriyal looks tasty Malar, nicely flavoured with ginger and coconut, sounds different to my usual method; I love this poriyal with Thayir saadham and even rassam; jore-aa irukkum :)

    papa Eliane’s house- kku poi irukkaaar, so, idhaan chance-nnu, konjam blogs-leyum “attendance” kudukkalaamnnu oru round adikkaren, hahaha
    week end avara koottittu beach side porom, as the climate is ideal… take care and have a nice day !!!

  10. RAKS KITCHEN says:

    Love this with kara kuzhambu! Looks delicious!

  11. Malar,,vazhaikkai podimas super nalla seithurukeenga paa, en veetukaararukku intha podimas rombha pidikkum.

  12. Malar, did you use nenthram pazham? Do they taste good for our style podimas?

  13. சூப்பர்ர்,நானும் இதேமாதிரி தான் செய்வேன்..

  14. Asha says:

    I love Plantains, Podimas looks yum. I want to make some Chapatis to go with it now! :)

  15. Nandini says:

    Podimas is my (Hubby’s) fav side dish. Love to have with rasam rice.

  16. Sounds great..delicious stir-fry.

  17. Soma Pradhan says:

    Nice and simple comfort food dear..

  18. Nothing can beat the taste of simple traditional dishes like this…I like all your other vegetable dishes too..even I have started making kathrikai and avarai fries for lunch :)

  19. divya says:

    Wowwwww.. beautiful clicks.. looks soo tempting.. :)

  20. Hema says:

    Vazhaikkai Podimass superb.

  21. perfect for rice, nice recipe

  22. Lovely looking curry, simply superb !!!

  23. Dershana says:

    ithu ennode favourite poriyal. made it with green nenthrankai (malabar plantains) last week. love the potato version too but not as much.

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