Masala Baked Corn / Baked Corn – Indian Way!

Masala Baked Corn / Baked Corn – Indian Way!

Masala Baked Corn:

Okay…Admit it! What is your real motivation for eating vegetables?

1. You think Vegetables are Healthy and force feed yourself!
2. You consider vegetables are tasty, they have unique aroma and distinct flavor!
3. You grew up by eating vegetables and fruits!
4. You have personal likings towards anything colored and fresh, than the dead meat!

Feel free to share your motivation for eating nature’s best, 5 servings of vegetables and fruits everyday:)


Fresh Corn 2-4
Onion 1 bulb
Tomato 1 small
Cilantro 1 fistful
Green chili 1
Lemon juice – fresh few spoons
Salt to taste
Butter 1 cube.


Grate all the above mentioned items, except butter and corn. Now run this over the corn.

Roll them up in a tin foil/aluminum foil, add a slice of butter on the top. Cover up.

Bake over 450 F, for about half a hour. Often change positions. Broil for 7 minutes placing them at upper rack.

Once they are done, aromatic…remove from heat. Be careful while opening the foil, steam hurts real bad!!

Enjoy as a dinner or snack:)


25 Responses so far.

  1. The pictures are very beautiful. Nice idea to bake them. Nothing can equal the sutta cholam we get in India right? Here the corn is too sweet :)

  2. J says:

    My fav snack from the road side vendor.. will try them ur way soon.. mu hubby loves it..

  3. wowww looks absolutely tempting…

  4. Satya says:

    such an interesting way of making corn,baking with indian masala nice concept n its looks awesome ….

  5. divya says:

    looks really mouthwatering and delicious n perfect for snack…. ….

  6. Muneeba says:

    My hubby LOVES corn, and this is a new way to prepare fresh corn that I think he’ll really go for!

  7. Nandini says:

    Wow! Very lovely snack!

  8. Madhuri says:

    Malar,u reminded me my school days..
    Awesome love to have one…

  9. rally veggies are healthy and tasty not making our stomach unhappy :) )
    the corn with masala thats sounds interesting..its corn time anyway good snack malar..

  10. Nitha says:

    Not a great fan of corn.. But these looks yummy and delicious..

  11. sheba says:

    Its raining buckets here..and I would love to eat this..perfect for now..

  12. Vidhya says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely words…I really like this simple but tasty corn recipe…nice clicks.

    Breadfruits are available in coastal karnataka region.

  13. Malar, those cobs looks simply tempting, I would love to try it out :)

    My motivation for eating veggies, I love them cooked (not raw) and grew up eating them regularly. I am a very picky fruit eater though :)

  14. Swathi says:


    Masala corn looks really good. I bake them only with pepper and butter, i need to open my masala box now.

  15. Oh… this looks so good! We regularly eat eat corn with fresh chile, so why not masala?

  16. Malar Gandhi says:

    Thank you girls:)

    Thanks Rani and Priya, for taking time to share your motivation for eating vegetables, its going to be very helpful for me to stay on track:) And I really appreciate you girls for reading in-between lines:)

  17. Malar Gandhi says:

    Hi Manju,

    Thats very true about – sutta makka cholam from our home land, simply delicious…makes me really nostalgic…

  18. Malar Gandhi says:

    Hi Vidhya, I am really looking forward to track down bread fruit here at U.S. Will definitely try that recipe of yours…its unique:)

  19. Malar Gandhi says:

    Megan and Swathi,

    Adding some more spices wud be perfect Swathi. Yep, besides chili all the other ingredients really enriched the corn, Megan…hope you will like it:)

  20. Madhavi says:

    OMG this my fav, mouth-drooling post Malar.

  21. Beautiful pictures and healthy snack dear:)

  22. says:

    I really like the innovative way you have cooked this corn with the masala parcels.Looks healthy and delicious.

  23. chakhlere says:

    I just love corn on the cob and was really mad about it in my college days. I used always have it in rainy season on my way back home. Love the masala touch…yummy!!!

  24. Priya says:

    Wow wat a tempting baked corns, feel like grabbing..

  25. I too believe..Veggies are more healthy and grew up with this being told repeatedly and quite often…seems you have started loving the fresh and colorful.. in between lines in older posts also:)

    Corn with masala sounds interesting..looks tempting.

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