My Favorite Song – A Tribute to Food Lovers

My Favorite Song – A Tribute to Food Lovers

Enna Samaiyalo – Tamil Song

Ilaiyaraaja (The Maestro) has once again proved himself has a great composer and lyricist in this song. If you are a Tamilian or know little bit of Tamil, I am positive you can enjoy this song…where Swaram (music ) and Aksharam (words)  rhythmically sound very close to each other and also mean to the core context (food)! Its almost like deciphering a cooking process jokingly, vocally, musically and verbally.

Swaraksharam in the Song

  • appa varum neram, sa da ma ga sa da ma ga sa da ma ga da ma da maa (Swaram)
  • Swaram with lot of meanings in various combinations:
  1. saa + tha + ma + ga = saathagam – (practicing phonetics)
  2. sa + tha + maa + ga = sathamaaga -  (favorable)
  3. saa + tham + aaga  = saathamaaga – (to get the rice cooked)
  4. tha + ma + tha + ma + am = thamathamam – (is getting delayed)
  • kalyaani, raagam polave (like the raag, kalyani) Seiven Biriyani (I will make Biriyani)
  • When these simple words are dissected, each syllable-combination carries a food meaning – adding essence to the song.
  1. kal 
  2. aani
  3. Kalyaani
  4. kavani 
  5. thangai nee 
  6. kalyani
  • raagam vasantha (name of the raag, vasantha), naanum rusithu paarka rasantha (can you hand over me some rasam to taste)
  • If you take a closer look, these are phonetically similar sentences with jumbled letters and yet meaningful.
  • gari-gari-gari-gari (swaram), kari-kai-kalum enge? karivepilaiyum enge? (Aksharam )
  • Here, the sound plus lyrics are phonetically so close and also mean about the ingredients in cooking.
  1. maa-maa-ma-mma,  majal podiyum enge?  (Where is the turmeric powder?) masala podi enge? (Where are those curry powders?)
  2. tha-pa-tha-pa-tha , parupu irukudha? (Do we have lentils?)
  3. tha-ni-tha-ni-tha-ni, Dhaniyaa iruka? (Do we have cilantro?)


This Song is dedicated to my brother, Paari Gandhi…a child prodigy and a great carnatic vocal singer, just like my mother:) Each time, I listen to this song…it brings back those nostalgic memories, how Paari and Mommy used to sing mellifluously and tease each other musically-phonetically! Of course, back in those days…there was several such occasions, where we held songs-related counter-competitions. As you might have already guessed, they both excelled in it and always won. Genetically lucky enough to inherit some of those maternal side genes (Great Grandpa, Grandpa, Uncle and Mom). While, myself and Dad would be just happy to be around listening:)

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  1. M.P.Gandhi says:

    Now I am watching ur Enna samayalo song. It very matching to this situation…Gandhi

    • Malar Gandhi says:

      Do you remember when Paari was only ten, he used to ‘saathagam’/ practice on weekends, and all the neighbors would think, am the one who is singing beautifully and compliment me:)

  2. Cute song to all foodlovers!!!

  3. Pepper Bowl says:

    Yeah! I too agree this song is an epic. Its such a cute song both musically and visually! love it!

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