Masala Pori – Just Killing Time

Masala Pori – Just Killing Time

Also known as: Kaara Pori, Spicy Puffed Rice, Masale Murmura. Spiced Murmura.

Off-lately I have been thinking a lot about my school days and how as young kids, we were so carefree and totally irresponsible! While growing up, most of my free time is owed to my best friends. We all stayed close to each other in the neighborhood and witnessed each others life! It was fun:)

Back in those days…our hangout zones were rather not that fancy…the quintessential ice cream parlor, which we raided almost every single day after school; the fun part of galli-cricket with boys, in which they never want to lose; weekends were usually vouched to bicycle rides, we had absolutely no clue…but kept riding like a maniac in the neighborhood!  And sometimes, bunch of girls gathered together and went on with Adam-teasing…for a lil bit, it was good too or until it back-bit some of us:( Further, we went about “crashing the classes”, meaning – join a dummy course, just for the sheer reason that we girls would be excused to step out of the house!! Thus, we happily paraded…munching on something on the way back to the home.

Oh my…those were some days, I just wanna to time-travel back and would never-ever attempt to come back:):)

This particular ‘Masala Pori’ is something that I ate almost everyday on the way back home from my ‘Dummy Courses’ with my girl-friends:) I would like to dedicate this post to good ole friends from yesteryear:)

IngredientsCarolina Cooking337

  • 2 cups puffed rice
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 fistful roasted peanuts
  • 2-3 dry red chilies
  • pinch of turmeric
  • few curry leaves
  • sesame oil few spoons


  1. Heat up a wide wok, add oil and throw in chilies, curry leaves and all the above mentioned ingredients.
  2. Toss them over low heat for couple of minutes, or until they form a uniform mixture.


Now, I am pretty sure…you can’t resist anymore. Its okay…go ahead sample some. Feels good, right! And if you had any left-overs, go on share it with others…like the way I did:)

Carolina Cooking338


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  1. shama says:

    Interesting and yummy .

    Ongoing event:
    Celebrate – Easter
    in my blog

  2. Pori looks so colorful dear! Pass me some, I would love to munch on right now :)

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