Palak Roti / Spinach Chappathi – Setting in Order?!

Palak Roti / Spinach Chappathi – Setting in Order?!

I haven’t cooked for a long time’ in my routine style. Sometimes…cooks need incentives, drive and motivation too, right. Hazards of being perfectionists is, even the slightest disarray in life, threatens us. Sometimes, it rather feels good to be predictable than taking surprises. I was really upset for the past few days, as there was huge pressure from all angles. Sometimes, things go out of our control…its neither easy to accept it or set it right!!! So, whenever am at cross roads, I take a moment pause.

After blowing off my steam to a compassionate listener…I proceeded with fixing dinner. To my surprise, I did okay this time. Trying to bring the old discipline and passion to the track. So, here it is…after a very long time, something good to eat.


Whole wheat flour
Cumin seeds
Green chilies as per taste chopped finely
Spinach 1 bunch – washed n chopped
Oil few spoons.


Cook briefly chilies and spinach together, until the leaves wilt. Then, blend and puree them.

Well, now use this puree for preparing the dough.

Divide them into equal parts and roll them uniformly into flat bread.

Heat up a griddle and smear enough oil. Toast the roti/chappathis on both the sides.

There you go…its ready.


7 Responses so far.

  1. sangee vijay says:

    this is one of my fav…very soft n flavorful rotis…looks perfect…

  2. Biny Anoop says:

    hey dear i dont mind the mood cos the food looks yummy….love it

  3. Mahi says:

    மலர்,இதுவும் கடந்து போகும். Cheer up! :)

    Roti looks colourful n yum!

  4. Healthy and soft looking chapathi…

  5. Prathibha says:

    Nice n healthy chapathi..looks yumm

  6. Plateful says:

    Only one word Malar – yummy! Now chin up and cheer up girl. There’s no use wasting energy over things beyond our control. And don’t worry, we all go through similar situations.

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