Plantain Stem Salad / Vazhai Thandu Thayir Pachadi

Plantain Stem Salad / Vazhai Thandu Thayir Pachadi

Vazhai Thandu Thayir Pachadi:(Reposting)

Plantain Stem with Yogurts.


Tender plantain stem 60 cms
Yogurts 5-7 cups
Salt as per taste
Green chilies 6 finely chopped
Mustard seeds 1 spoon
Cumin seeds 1 spoon
Chana dal 2 spoons
Urad dal 2 spoons
Asafoetida 1/2 spoon
Curry leaves few
Sesame oil fews spoons.


Clean and wash the plantain stem. Remove its outer bark.

Finely chop them. Leave them in salt water to avoid discoloration.

In a pan, heat oil. Add all the remaining items, except yogurts. Let them pop and splutter well.

Run this seasonings over yogurts. And mix this yogurts to finely chopped plantain stem.

A healthy salad is ready.


13 Responses so far.

  1. PriyaRaj says:

    Pachadi looks perfect …

  2. Cilantro says:

    I love the Pachadi served at Sanjeevanam in Chennai. BTW wher did you get the stem???

  3. s says:

    awesome! very innovative.

  4. Yummy pachadi… My mom makes it and I love it…

  5. looks superb dear….very refreshing and inviting

  6. Priya says:

    Wat a healthy pachadi..

  7. kanthi says:

    Ahealthy pachhadi,the stem of banana is very good for health,it looks yummy

  8. Cham says:

    Good pachadi. Happy Diwali to u and ur family!

  9. Sridevi says:

    Salad looks yum…I liked the Idiyapam and vazhai poo poriyal as well…

  10. You get very unusual ingredients Malar. Always a pleasure checking out what’s new here!

    Belated Happy Diwali!

  11. Hi!
    Pachadi looks delicious!

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