Senaikizhangu Vadai / Elephant Yam Vada

Senaikizhangu Vadai / Elephant Yam Vada

Karunaikizhangu Vadai:

Senai-Kizhangu Vadai. ElephantYam Fritters.


Yam 1 small head – (peeled & Grated)
Chana dal 1 cup(soaked in water 45 min)
Dry red chilies 6
Fennel seeds 1 spoon
Ginger-garlic paste 2 spoons(fresh)
Curry leaves 3-4 twigs (chopped)
Onions very finely chopped 1-2 bowls
Green chilies 3-4 finely chopped
Chopped mint leaves few
Chopped coriander leaves few
Curry leaves fienly chopped few
Rice flour 2-4 spoons
Oil for frying.


0. Skin Yam carefully and grate it. Set aside.

1. Wet grind coarsely the soaked chana dal, ginger-garlic, dry red chilies and fennel seeds. Mix salt and grated yam to it.

2. Mix chilies, onions, coriander, mint and curry leaves too.

3. One can add few spoons of rice powder to it….to get a crispy outer layer.

4. Mix well and leave it in fridge for about an hour.

5. In a deep pan, heat oil. Make roundels of the dough prepared. Fry them in oil. Maintain the stove on medium flame. The fritters should be small and semi-thick here.

Serve warm to go with South Indian Meals.


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  1. Hema says:

    What type of yam is that malar?? I have heard that Elephant yam is the variety that is called karunai kizhangu in tamil. It is so hard to find it at the local stores. And the idea of a vadai is very innovative.. now i am thinking of trying it if i can catch hold of the yam :) )

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