Thai Basil-Coconut Shrimps Curry – Aromatic It Is!

Thai Basil-Coconut Shrimps Curry – Aromatic It Is!

Also known as: Thai Green Curry with Shrimps, Thai Coconut Shrimps Curry.

Honestly, I couldn’t recall the exact recipe of the above pictures. I know, it sounds ridiculous…but I whipped this several months ago during a cold winter-spring night. Oh, I was so excited to spot a fresh bunch of basil leaves in the market and I was immediately put into action. Even though I was so reluctant to note down what I did with the ingredients…I vividly remember how it tasted along with jasmine rice. Trust me, ladies…the curry was mind blowingly good, an aromatic treat in fact:) Well, after all it isn’t that hard to recreate my recipe, you know! I usually have my own thumb rule and I never mess with it. So here you go, this is how I would have done it!!!! Hopefully:)

IngredientsMississippi Cooking13

  • Shrimps 1 cup
  • Coconut milk 1 can
  • Thai chilies 3-5
  • Ginger 1-2″ minced
  • Onion 1 large sliced
  • Basil leaves 1 bunch
  • Cilantro few springs
  • Salt
  • Oil few spoons


Wet-grind basil leaves, ginger and green chilies together. Set aside. In a wide vessel, heat oil. Add onions and stir-fry till translucent. Now, add the wet-ground paste and salt. Followed by shrimps and coconut milk, cook over medium heat till oil shows up on the sides. Serve steaming hot along with warm jasmine rice. You know…dig in:)Mississippi Cooking14


5 Responses so far.

  1. Mahi says:

    Pleasant green colour curry! I love Thai yellow curry, haven’t tasted the green curry yet.

    Nice intro., by the way! Am sure, the curry “would have” tasted as good as the colour! ;)

  2. Priya says:

    Omg, cant take my eyes from ur fabulous flavourful shrimp curry.

  3. very unique and flavorful curry recipe. I can smell aroma here

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