Baby Corn Crispies

Baby Corn Crispies

Baby Corn Crispies:

Finger Corn. Baby Corn Fritters. Baby Corn Pakoda. Baby Corn 65. Fried Baby Corn. Crispy Fried Corn Fingers. Corn Fingers.

I always appreciated finger foods. Its easy to fix, nice to pop-in!!!:) Since it was always pouring outside last week, I was kind of shut down at home, had lots of visitors besides. So to keep people entertained…..I chose something spicy, crispy, fried and warm finger foods. My friends did enjoy them….and I am glad that they did. So….one of my fabulous creation ‘Baby Corn Fritters’ today. I generally don’t use artificial food color to my preparations, but today I did! As I believe hot chili powder gives rich deep red color to my food….it also signifies the strength of the chili pepper’s hotness!!! Its like more red, more chili, eating palate hitting food shows power among my friends!!! But today….didn’t go by my rule, as my friends here don’t eat so much spicy food, kept it simple…used organic food color!


Baby Corn 10-15
Chili powder 1 spoon
Chili sauce 1 spoon
Corn flour 2 spoons
Food color – red 1 pinch
MSG 1-2 pinch
Soy sauce 2 spoons
Ginger-garlic paste 1/2 spoon
Egg whites from 1 egg
Oil for frying

To Garnish:

Green Onions


Marinate corn with all the above mentioned ingredients, except oil.

Then shallow fry them quickly in warm oil. Never load your oil. Always fry few at a time. Let the corn turn crispy on the outside.

Repeat the same for the remaining batch, set aside on kitchen towels.

Garnish with chopped green onions.

Serve to go with your tea.


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  1. Hai Malar

    This looks yummy and spicy……..lovely

  2. Ann says:

    Hello Malar..
    A very Happy,peaceful 2009 !!
    Thanks for dropping in my place.
    I value ur comments
    Btw,yours is a cooool blog..I simply love it..adding you.
    This Baby Corn are too yummy to resist.

  3. Elra says:

    I never made something like this before. Looks Delicious.

    Happy new year,

  4. Beverly says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your recipes look so yummy.

    Happy New Year!

  5. meeso says:

    This sounds great… Happy New Year!

  6. bicks says:

    looks yummy malar…wish u a very happy new year

  7. Judy says:

    Very interesting site. I noticed you don’t have a list of blogs you follow, only those who follow you. I’d be happy to exchange links with you if you should start a list of favorite blogs. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back.

  8. Judy says:

    Interesting blog — I’ve always wanted to try Indian cuisine. If you decide to start of list of favorite blogs, I’d be happy to exchange links with you. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Uma says:

    looks so delicious. Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year 2009!

  10. Pam says:

    What a great appetizer – I am sure they tasted fantastic.

  11. Preety says:

    It looks spicy ssssssssss..perfect finger food for winter..Happy new Year

  12. Looks so crispy..I have never tasted it..hoping to make some soon..Happy new year Malar..:)

  13. Sanghi says:

    Wow! Delicious crispy snack! Wishing you & your family a very happy New year Malar!

  14. Indrani says:

    Looks so crispy & yummy…wish u & ur family a wonderful new year

  15. Viki Xavier. says:

    Hi Malar , wishing You and family a happy and prosperous New Year.
    Your corn cripies look inviting. Can i have one:)

  16. Vibaas says:

    I love this. Looks so yummy, but the sad part is i dont get baby corns hoo..

  17. wow malar those crispy spicy corns are inviting and tempting to pick it up… i tried mazurian with this.. will try this soon.

  18. Looking very crispy and yummy Malar..

    Wish you a very happy new year..

  19. Malar Gandhi says:

    Thanks Shama…

    Thank you Ann, wish you happy new year.

    Welcome to my blog Elra…

    Welcome to my blog Beverly…wish you happy new year!

    Thanks, happy new year Meeso.

    Thank you bicks and wish you the same.

    Judy, I am glad that you liked my site and recipes…Hmmm, I am a random surfer, don’t do the list of best blogs that I follow…

    Thanks Uma, wish you the same…

    Sure it did, Pam. Thanks for you lovely comment.

    Sure it is Preety, thanks for stopping by…

    Happy new year Varsha…

    Wish you New Year Sanghi…

    Wish you the same Indrani…

    Wish you the same…come on, drop in anytime…

    Oh thats awful…probably try from canned foods! Sure Wallmart should have one!

    Dear Adlak, thanks for your lovely words…I am glad that you liked it.

    Thanks Sriharivatsan, wish you the same…see you around.

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