Bird’s Nest Bonda – Jab Mein Choti Thi

Bird’s Nest Bonda – Jab Mein Choti Thi

Bird’s Nest Bonda:

People always remind me with those articles, that talk about quick appetizers/snacks for an unexpected guests. Who is going to visit me after all? Okay, If you decide to show up at my house, without prior notice, well…expect a snack something like this! But still, I cannot argue over a snack that can be whipped in no time together, using only staple at home. It highly depends/differs in each home. Anyhow, potatoes and breadcrumbs are my favorite cheater ingredients!!!

On the other day, I was in need a of an emergency appetizer that required minimal effort. There should be some sort of our favourite childhood snack, but how often do we reinvent it to suit the adult palate? This is one such recipe, which I tweaked for myself in few minutes. As these are usually made with cheese or potatoes, back home…I adjusted with quintessential chicken for a change.

I had a long chat with my brother yesterday, who stirred up all the nostalgic days of our childhood!

Jab Mein Choti Thi:


Chicken shredded & cooked 1 cup
Potatoes cooked & mashed 1 cup
Green chilies
Ginger-garlic paste
Onion chopped 1 cup
Turmeric 1/4 spoon
Chili powder 1/2 spoon
Garam masala powder 1/2 spoon
Cilantro few
Egg Whites 1/4 cup
Fine vermicelli 1 cup
Oil for deep frying.


In a wide wok, heat few spoons of oil. add chilies, ginger-garlic paste, onions and salt. Fry real good.

Add cooked chicken and potatoes…mix well. Add turmeric, chili and garam masala powders. Fry real good till aromatic. Garnish with cilantro leaves.

Now shape them into ping pong sized balls…dip them in egg whites and roll them in vermicelli.

Deep fry till nice and crisp, enjoy with tea.


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  1. Chetana says:

    Loved ur ek chidiya…..

  2. wow..they look so goood…will try with paneer..

  3. Rekha shoban says:

    looks so cuteeeeee…interesting recipe

  4. I love the video and the recipe as well.

  5. Parita says:

    Love your bird nest!! Any substitute for egg white?

  6. Spice says:

    O.k I forgot what I was about to comment on your dish…Why???? b’cause I didn’t play the video first but then I saw chetana’s comment went back to post & click on the video & YAdd aa gaya woh Jamana…U won’t believe I’m so excited right now….my daughter is sleeping & I can’t wait for the morniing so I can show her this clip…why??? since the time she was born, she loved this song(I twisted a bit into a lullaby)..till date, whenever we don’t have time to read bedtime story she’ll ask for “ek chidyia suna do”…..OMG thanks for putting it…. & yes your snacks looks delicious as usual…

  7. Looks so crispy,liked the recipe too..will surely give it a try…

  8. Rohini says:

    That look real interesting.. I’ll try it sans chicken!! :)

  9. Priya says:

    Fantastic and great work, this bird’s nest bonda is somewat tricky to do na, urs looks very pretty and elegant Malar..

  10. Ms.Chitchat says:

    Although a vegetarian , loved the texture of chidiya ghosla :) :). I can prepare without the chicken. Very innovative and looks gorgeous too :) :)


  11. AshKuku says:

    Lovely Nesty bondas they are…. I wanna grab one right away…to taste… Loved it totally… U r a GENIUS!!!!!


  12. Dear malar,

    nice post, I almost started to nod my head once left and once right, while watching the squirrels run, hihihihihihihi

    seriously, these nest like bondas look toothsome and divine; that’s a wonderful appetizer, would disappear in no time!!! I should be planning to make a surprise tea-time visit to your house shortly, so that I can enjoy this kind of delicious snacks !!! :) :)

  13. priya says:

    looks so cute and yummy…love the name, dear!

  14. Dear Malar,
    Your write ups are always so fascinating and nostalgic :) I absolutley love it…
    I will make these Bird’s Nest Bonda with cheese or potatoes:)
    I just loveeeeee this video and its one of my favourite:)

  15. Babli says:

    Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.
    Thanks for this wonderful and innovative recipe.

  16. Sarah Naveen says:

    Wow!! That looks so cute da..exactly like a nest..Nice recipe..Yummy yumm

  17. prasu says:

    Malar………..soooooooooooo lovely write up dear, enjoyed the clip toooooooooo……the birds nest bonda is tempting me to grab one from the sereen………….so creative gal……….keep rocking.

  18. Asha says:

    Ooh!! My kids would love to eat in your house, as long as dishes are not vegetarian! ;D

    Looks yum.

  19. SE says:

    this is awesome !! very cute nests ! just an idea, next time when you make , dab a little on top and put 3- 4 peas after frying..they will look like green eggs in the nest !!!

  20. Aruna Devi says:

    i didnt hear abt this recipe yet but looks gud u had nice space…let me try this nest bonda

  21. U r not going leave anything out of ur kitchen I guess Malar..looks yummyoo

  22. Vrinda says:

    Nice bonda and nice name…

  23. nivedita says:

    Hi Malar
    Lovely picture and great snack and I am sure, no kid will refuse to eat it. So we can fill it with all stuff which kids hate to eat it plain. Thanks for sharing.
    And about “Jab main chota tha”, even I and my brother loved all these things. and often we both talk about our childhood memories with same happiness and energy.

  24. Yasmeen says:

    Crunchy filling snack,I’d be so delighted to munch a few.
    True pearls of wisdom,one of my all time favorite videos :D

  25. Dear Malar, I would like to share an award with you. Please collect it from my blog..

  26. Gulmohar says:

    Fantastic..I make these too, but without time will try your version :-) and your write up made me nostalgic :-)

  27. PJ says:

    Malar, I would love to stop by your house if I am gonna get a few of these beauties to eat! Love your caption — bird’s nest. very nice entry..

  28. chakhlere says:

    Lovey bondas. Looks soo cute.

  29. vineetha says:

    I think I have seen this video during my childhood days…Really loved it.And ur nest looks awesome..

  30. Rahin says:

    ek chidiya brings back lots of memories , bondas are very flavorful with chicken and aloo n spices

  31. Pari says:

    you brought back my childhood memories dear. I used to love watching this.
    I agree with Deepa, i will try paneer.

  32. Cham says:

    Wow- this one look like nest ! Very eyecatching appetizer!

  33. Padma says:

    Looks so tempting Malar.

  34. Siddhi S says:

    Hey malar nice bondas…thy luk tasty, cripy n yummm…nice recipe…nice name also:-)

  35. ruchikacooks says:

    Looks crunchy, good for the weather..Paravai koodu fry was a recipe I heard long time ago..thought it is the real one..

  36. Sujatha says:

    Wow, looks cool.. want to try this for a potluck, definitely will stand-out on the dining table :)

  37. simplyfood says:

    Wow your nests look awesome will surely try it omitting the chicken as I am veggie and may be will add some shredded cabbage and carrots instead.

  38. kothiyavunu says:

    Wonderful Recipe malar! Looks Awesome ! And one of the tempting bonda :)

  39. Birds nest bonda looks very beautiful.

  40. Tina says:

    Soooo cute and lovely….

  41. Oraphan says:

    Wow! These look and sound so awesome! What a perfect dish with a cuppa tea, YUM!

  42. Dolly says:

    Absolutely love ur Bird’s Nest Bondas. What an appropriate and nostalgic video clip. OMG..loved that song..ek chidiya..anek Chidya..I play it for my son on youtube when he asks for kids songs in HIndi. I’ll try making this for my kids..who can resist these awesome looking coool snack!!!

    Dear Malar, Please collect the Beautiful Blogger Award from my blog.You deserve it.You are a great blogpal.

  43. Rina says:

    My, my that what a creation..Malar..beautiful idea..but does the nest hurt when we take a bite ??? Use to luv ek in doordarshan times..

  44. Gita says:

    very different and appetizing treat Malar, this is an excellent starter for potlucks and get-together…thanks for sharing this yummy snack dear :)

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