Broccoli 65 / Broccoli Pakora – Fuss Free Snacks

Broccoli 65 / Broccoli Pakora – Fuss Free Snacks

Fried Broccoli Krispies:

You know what? Why fried food is so popular among many immigrant communities? One could get really creative to add their special flavor’ ranging from soy sauce to garam masala and instantly get that native-country touch:) If you are looking for a healthy option…you should really try stir-frying! This isn’t a good idea to fry vegetables! Yet, if you are planning to have a variation…this is it! Its pretty damn good. Am so tired of eating those steamed broccoli from the restaurants. I decided to fry this on a snowy-stormy-dark evening…when I had nothing useful to do, hehe. Well, I followed some discipline’ frying upon one condition…using extra-virgin olive oil! We all do some trick to take away the guilt, right. Did I ever tell you this little secret of mine? Anything that is dark green and bit bitter-tasting, like Kale, Bitter melon, Broccoli etc…all achieve an unique flavor when treated with olive oil. I know, the olive oil itself has its own flavor and all. But still it kicks up some extra-effect with bitter-tasting greenish produce. Anyway, you guys try this experiment and let me know’ if you like it(or if you don’t)!


Broccoli 2-3 heads
Ginger 2″ minced
Garlic 3 cloves minced
MSG 1/4 Spoon
Soy sauce few spoons
Lemon juice few spoons
Corn flour few spoons
Chili powder 2 spoons
White pepper powder 1 spoon
Garam masala powder 1/4 spoon
Olive oil for pan/deep frying


Combine all the ingredients together(except oil).

Heat oil in a deep frying pan. When it comes to smoky hot, fry few florets at a time. Leave them over kitchen tissues for a while. Repeat the same for each batch.

Serve steaming hot with Indian Masala Chai. And you know the rest…enjoy:)


20 Responses so far.

  1. divya says:

    ohhh…droooooling here…perfect n tempting..sure will it…

  2. Great recipe..My son’s favy veggie…good to follow you..

  3. New to me and looks yummy. Easy method. Snack with tea.

  4. Suman Singh says:

    Great,easy recipe..This is something that can be made every week for a nice evening snack..thanx for sharing!

  5. arthi says:

    wow!!innovative recipe!!bookmarked..

  6. Priya says:

    Broccoli pakoras looks marvellous and inviting..

  7. Swathi says:

    Healthy pakoda.I haven’t tried anything fried with Broccoli. love to try them.

  8. healthy n bful with brocolli..yummy

  9. Paaka Shaale says:

    The Broccoli 65 is a new dish to me. Nice twist :)

  10. Biny Anoop says:

    wow malar….easy way to give broccoli to kids and ADULTS

  11. Sangi says:

    Broccoli 65 looks crispy and appetizing… thanks for visiting my space.. love your recipes.. happy to follow you.. :)

  12. That is so nice, especially to get broccoli added in our menu.

  13. healthy delicious combination
    yummy snack

  14. NIDHYA says:

    This way broccoli would become everyone’s fav the krispies.

    A few cool awards are waiting for you in my blog, so check it out and collect from me.
    Aaha Oho

  15. Rekha shoban says:

    healthy pokoda!!!looks crispy!

  16. Vatsala. says:

    Wao….I good way to make everyone eat broccoli in the family.
    Happy to follow you.

  17. Soumya says:

    Never tried with broccoli, had done with cauliflower, now broccoli on the way!

  18. Ramya says:

    Brocoli 65 looks soo crispy n yummy..The colour is soo inviting:-)

  19. Radhika says:

    lovely and colorful pakoras. should be great with hot chai. Lovely collection of recipes and glad to follow this avid blogger.

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