Mississippi Blackened Cat-Fish – Healthy Way To Eat It

Mississippi Blackened Cat-Fish – Healthy Way To Eat It

Crispy Oven-Baked Fish:

Southern Cooking – Blackened Cat-fish (not fried but baked)! Since, I have rooted at Mississippi for a long time, now…I have a slight incline towards Southern delights (U.S.A). No wonder that many call it as soul food n comfort food. I have strong affinity towards anything down-home country cooking! Well, to me it reflects the culture. And moreover studying ‘Food-Ways and Culture’ is part of my Thesis! Though, I cook frequently the local flavor’ I have to admit that I haven’t mastered the art of Southern cooking, yet! So, I never blogged about the food that I encountered in my kitchen:(

Since, there are plenty of water-bodies around, preparing cat-fish is inevitable from the menu. So, this is one of the famous recipe around my area…blackened cat-fish, pan-fried with lots of seasoning, considered very spicy(However, it won’t be that spicy for an Indian palate)! I have followed all the thumb rules of an authentic recipe…but switched to oven-baking instead of pan-frying!Hmmm, the fish looked’ like all sucked up, without any moisture…but you got to trust me, it turned out to be good, well-done! The good news is, it was very crispy than I imagined, guilt-free and quite comforting:)


Cat-fish fillets 4
Vinegar 1 cap-full
Onion powder 1-2 spoons
Garlic powder 1 spoon
Chili powder 1 spoon
Black pepper powder 1 spoon
Oil for spraying.


Marinate the fish briefly with all the above mentioned spices.

Grease the tin-foil with butter/oil. Place the fillets and bake them for at least one and half hours over 350 F. Check whether it is done-thoroughly.

Serve warm as a side dish.


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  1. sharada says:

    The oven baked fish is so inviting and lip smacking…slurp!!

  2. nice photography..eventhough I am veggie, I could try the marination on vegetables and try…

  3. Chitra says:

    I enjoy Southern cooking…. This recipe looks so good. Thank you.

  4. Priya says:

    Very interesting dish, never had cat fish,coz am quite choosy if its comes fish..

  5. Abhilash says:

    was wondering reading the title as to how can you try a cat and a fish. Anyways :) the recipe is nice.. new to baking so no special comments.

  6. Suman Singh says:

    Fish look so crispy and delicious…nice recipe which is healthy too..thanx for sharing!

  7. Soumya says:

    Love these fish fillets, much addictive to fish! should try this now,Thanks

  8. Nammi says:

    hello dear :) , have always stayed away from catfish , here they have the live ones flopping around. would rather someone else cooked it for me :)

  9. divya says:

    ohhh…droooooling here…perfect n tempting..

  10. Shilpi Bose says:

    Glad to see a baked fish recipe, am actually on the look out for such recipes. Keep promising myself I will eat healthy but go back to frying.I find the subject of your thesis quite interesting, it is a subject which quite fascinates me.

  11. Rachu says:

    I am down for southern style cooking too.. Fish looks awesome and its baked? WOW cant get any more awesome..

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