Egg Paniyaram – New Kind of Dinner:)

Egg Paniyaram – New Kind of Dinner:)

Mutta Paniyaram:(Country Style)

Muttai Paniyaram. Gudilu Paniyaram. Anda Bonda?!!

Again no fancy dish today, this could be whipped without big plans…got some idly- dosa batter? You think it going bit sour, you feel little bored with regular cooking. Here you go…spice up the batter in your own home-adapted style, add one or two eggs to it. Thats it, all set for new kind of dinner.


Rice batter 2 cups
Eggs 2
Green chilies 1 chopped
Ginger 1″ grated
Onion 1 small chopped
Cilantro leaves few
Turmeric 1/4 spoon
Curry leaves few
Asafoetida 1 pinch
Chana dal 1 spoon
Urad dal 1 spoon
Mustard seeds 1/2 spoon
Cumin seeds 1/2 spoon
Sesame oil few spoons.


Set the eggs and batter aside.

In a small pan, heat oil and throw in all the spices one by one and fry real good. Now mix this to the batter. Further add eggs and mix thoroughly.

Smear the tawa/ paniyaram griddle with oil. Fill them up with this batter. Cook both the sides to perfection. There you go…got it.

Serve them with fresh mint or coconut chutney. Dinner ready:)


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  1. Nitha says:

    Sounds interesting and yummy…

  2. Jaleela says:

    oh, masala egg paniyaram, nice very yummy ,

  3. Food & Grime says:

    This egg paniyaram recipe sounds delicious. I love how quick and easy this dish is to prepare. Looking forward to giving it a try! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Paniyaram luks gr8 and that too country style really awesome.Lovely colour…

  5. shriya says:

    Hey Malar, This sounds interesting. Very creative and it’s easy tooo. Looks like am gonna make this today.

  6. Wow that a fantastic dinner idea..egg paniyaram looks real yummy and inviting.

  7. VineelaSiva says:

    Wow malar posting wonderful and tempting recipes cant wait to give a try even i too post this and prpeare the curry dear.

  8. Uma says:

    what a brilliant way of cooking paniyaram! loved it! please elaborate rice batter if possible!

  9. Sayantani says:

    thugh I dont have an appe pan but love the round ball shape of everything prepared in it. looks lovely …guess we can also make a gravy dish wit these cute eggs.

  10. Ammu says:

    Wow! thats interesting. Lovely presentation.

  11. such a perfect day to know this recipe. Want to know why? Got some sour idli batter and no clue what to cook for tonight? Thanks for sharing (timely…)

  12. Madhu says:

    Wow…Nice recipe. Will surely try this out. I am reminded of Paal paniyaram.

  13. This is a creative way to use idly batter, looks yummy and perfect golden color…

  14. Suman says:

    hmm…thats new to me…looks so inviting dear…

    must say ur recipes are too good…love each and every recipe here…thanks for sharing this…keep blogging..:)

  15. Swathi says:


    Easy dish, i willtry. Paniyaram looks really temptig.

  16. Sailaja says:

    This is similar to Gunta ponganalu recipe. I don’t add egg to that . I will try this adding egg for my kid since I don’t eat egg.

    Yummy and wonderful tip thanks girl

  17. Sridevi says:

    Egg paniyaram is super yummy..would like to have it with coconut chutney.

  18. Veggie Belly says:

    very interesting..kind of a cross between kuzhi paniyaram and omlette!

  19. Priya says:

    My favourite, i do this often:)..

  20. Dershana says:

    paniyaram omlette cross? anda bonda arumayana peru :-0 nice innovative dish!

  21. Paniyaram looks really good Malar…what a tasty dinner this would have been :)

  22. Yummy Team says:

    Wonderful idea! Egg paniyarams look absolutely yummy..

  23. divya says:

    woww… mouth watering clicks.. thanks for sharing..

  24. BeenaShylesh says:

    this is very interesting… delisious…

  25. Paniyaram um thengai chutney um best combination apdi illana thakali or onion chutney ,,, egg paniyaram rombha super ah vanthurukku Malar…

  26. says:

    Very innovative.Looks great.

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