Frappuccino – My Favorite Drink

Frappuccino – My Favorite Drink

You know what? I get bit restless, somewhat cranky and even pretty mad during a long drive…if I can’t make a pit stop at McDonald’s!! Boy, am in love with their preparation: the Frappucino. River LandingIn fact that’s the only drink that I crave, even in my dreams. Wow, they really make some amazing Frappe there. Its almost like drinking a rich dessert, yummmm. :) So, no wonder…I deliberately pack a healthy meal for the trip and excuse myself to stop by for the drink.

My Frappe is no where to be compared with professional work! Yet, I am trying you see. For today’s recipe, I prepared a strong decoction of gourmet coffee, added enough sugar plus half and half. Then, poured the liquid into an ice tray and left it to freeze. Later, blended these creamy coffee ice cubes to fine salt-grain sized ice. Finally, added some sweetened cocoa liquid to it. There you go, healthy Frappe ready. As you might have figured…you can always add whipped cream, hot fudge, and caramel sundae as you please. Enjoy with company. :)


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