How To Clean A Plantain Flower

How To Clean A Plantain Flower

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACleaning Plantain Flower

  • Smear your palms and hands with coconut oil or its better to use clinical gloves. As this flower leaves a deep dark stain on your hands, which is hard to get-rid off.
  • Now slowly remove all the thick leathery bracts and discard them.
  • Separate the fine finger like half white to yellow florets inside. These are the flowers that you are going to use in cooking. Sometimes, they are very dark, but don’t get puzzled with color.
  • Holding in one hand, rub the floret ends on your other palm. This makes the florets to bloom(opens up a little)
  •  Now remove the male stamen and translucent shell from it.(male stamen is the longest stamen with bulb like end) Discard them. Remove the pith (the pinkish sheath)
  • Store these clean florets in water until cooking, prevents discoloration.
  • Its better to add turmeric, salt and lemon juice to this water, to retain freshness. My mother soaks them up in butter milk to get rid of that astringent flavor while cooking.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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