How To Make Paneer – Indian Cottage Cheese

How To Make Paneer – Indian Cottage Cheese

Making cottage cheese at home is piece of cake. Once you start making it on your own, you wouldn’t care for the store-bought paneer anymore. This is lot healthy, cost-effective and freakingly delicious.

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  • Choose whole milk over 2% or 1%, of course there is taste-difference.
  • Heat milk in a wide, heavy bottomed vessel, add lemon juice to split the milk.
  • Continue boiling over a low-medium flame, until all the milk solid separates and whey shows up clear.
  • Pass this liquid and milk solids, through a cheese cloth. Fold the milk solids and hang them up in your clean faucet, so that the excess liquid drips onto the sink.
  • Hey, when you filter the whey, you can actually save the whey for other purposes, like you could add them to your dough or simply make a lemonade out of it. Its a healthy drink.
  • Anyway, coming back to the point…mix this milk solids into fine dough.
  • Cover them up in a cheese cloth, put a heavy weight plate on the top.
  • Allow this set-up to stand on the counter top for couple of hours.
  • Let the excess liquid be completely squeezed.
  • Remove the cloth wrapper, cut the paneer into desired shapes, store them in the refrigerator.

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