How To Clean Fresh Shrimps

How To Clean Fresh Shrimps

Fresh shrimp could lot more tastier than the frozen and per-processed seafood. Most of us shy away from the idea of buying fresh shells-on shrimps, just because its cleaning is the tedious job! But, once you leaned how to clean them, it could be very satisfying  and your dinner menu will turn fabulous.

Yera clean1DSC02297

  • Wash and clean the shrimps in cold water. If it is frozen shell-on shrimps, you may use warm water for cleaning.
  • Pull off the head and along with it comes some of the internal digestive track. Toss them away in your garbage bin.
  • Wash again in water. Pull off the legs (tiny dry grass structures are the legs). Now most of the shell would have gone, sometimes the tail fin could be still stuck!
  • Now, pull the tail fin too. Run them under water and clean for the neat work. You will hold the colander underneath…so that the tiny pieces of shell (if any) would be collected there.
  • For deveining (actually it is removing the gut) hold the shrimp straight, the curvy side up. You will notice a black or sometimes thin hair like structure under the transparent skin of the shrimp. Use a thin knife or toothpick to remove it, discard them as well.
  • Wash and clean the shrimps again. Use them in your favorite recipes.Yera clean2DSC02327

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