How To Eat A Beetroot or Not

How To Eat A Beetroot or Not


If you are wondering what does this suppose to mean (regarding my first opening sentence of this post)! It probably means nothing! Or something! Yes, my dare lil devil (add beautiful if you prefer) just started to cruise around and she could get her hands on my computers. So, either way…its Me or Her, you get your morning dose of ‘Stupid Rants’. :)

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Since she started it, lemme post this recipe for you…’The Baby Food’. Honestly, I shouldn’t be talking about it, you know! A totally clueless Mom! Dealing my day to day challenges with the help of google! It is like McDonald’s giving you advice on ‘How To Eat Healthy’. But, you see…they do have an opinion about it! And, that’s a different story again.

10 Things WikiHow Won’t Tell Ya: 


  • Bring the infant to the dinning room. Let her know, that things like this exist!
  • Strap her to the high chair and allow her to watch…what’s feeding! Or how gratifying it would be to feed from the plate.
  • Try to coax her and introduce finger foods.
  • If she plays with it…tolerate the effect, just like the way your Mommy did!
  • Try your luck, one more time to feed her the puree food (that you prepared for umpteenth time).
  • When frustration overrides, call up your blogger buddy in the middle of the night to lament about.
  • Dream on sending the kid to boarding school, offshore.
  • Never share your experience with your folks, it would be a great insult…if they snicker with sarcasm.
  • Think twice…about continuing food blogging! After all you didn’t succeed feeding your own child!
  • Thank god for his masterpiece work, who made her to survive on solar energy. :)

 Note: Did I mention, my laptop went to pieces to pieces, ashes to ashes. The dare lil devil!


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