How to Eat with Chopsticks

How to Eat with Chopsticks

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love Chinese food. But for many years I had no idea how to use chopsticks! I happily dined in my own way, fork and knives.

When I joined the International club at Oxford, MS. All my friends were from Asia…whenever we went out for dinner, I was the only one who kept asking for the silverware. So, bunch of buddies gave me a quick demo on how to use chopsticks! Thanks to Kyle, Daphne, Laila and Rasita for helping me out. Its so nice to enjoy Asian Cuisine in a traditional way, now. :)

How To Use Chopsticks

Millions of people worldwide use chopsticks as their primary eating utensils, yet many of us view it as a complicated tool. If you are learning to use them yourself, learn the correct finger placement necessary for the chopsticks.

  • Hold one chopstick between your thumb and middle finger. Your fore finger should be free. Position the chopstick so that it lies at the base of your thumb (above the joint) and at the lower joint of the middle finger.
  • Place the second chopstick between your thumb and forefinger. The side of the chopstick should rest against the tip of your thumb. Make sure the tips of both the chopsticks are parallel.
  • Keep the first chopstick stationary as you practice moving the second chopstick toward the stationary one.
  • Use this technique to position the chopsticks around a piece of Hold the food firmly as you lift it toward your mouth.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Practice makes a man perfect! So, feel free to practice to eat with chopsticks at home. Once you master it, you can dine at ease in the restaurants. :)

Try wooden and bamboo chopsticks than the cheap plastic ones. Its much better and safer.

Initially try to pick up the larger foods like tofu, mushrooms, broccoli…later go on with rice noodles, sticky rice and fried rice etc.


Do not make noise with chopsticks while eating.

Do not cross the chopsticks while not in use, it symbolizes death in China.

Do not stick them upright on a rice bowl, it symbolizes incense sticks on a burial ground in Japan.

Do not point at anyone, however empathetic your gesture is…its considered rude.

Do not transfer food one chopsticks to another, in Japan they use chopsticks on their left hand to pick up bones after a cremation.

Do not stab the food with chopsticks, it is considered that you have no respect for the food.

When you pick up food from the common bowl, use your other end of the chopsticks…hopefully you haven’t taken a bite or lick of it. :)


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    nicely explained ;)

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    Wow, Malar very informative post..enjoy reading other posts too..Video file will be more supportive one to this post! hope you come up with one in future!

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