How To Cut A Chicken

How To Cut A Chicken

Butchering meat for consumption could be quite an art, if done properly. Additionally it brings a more serious karma feeling in you; henceforth…the frequency of killing an animal for food goes down. :) Besides, buying a whole chicken will be economically lot cheaper when compared to a special pack of chopped chicken.

From my Biology background….slaughtering a given specimen is a piece of cake to me. :) And if you are new to this area, I insist that you better prepare your mind for it…as sometimes, I have witnessed people make faces!! Well, as you might already knew this…it could get messy and of course there is always some¬† guilt involved! I used chopping board, knife and a scissor for this job. Please be cautious with knives; chicken skin could be very slippery than you imagine. I strongly suggest you to sanitize the area, use a quality products to do so; wear a proper clinical gloves and sheet aprons.

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1. Wash and clean the whole chicken.

2. Mount and spread them on a strong, sturdy board.

3. Remove the giblets and liver from the cavity, set aside.

4. Cut the wings, trim their end and divide them into two.

5. Spread the thighs and cut through the bone. Give one serious cut them repeatedly beating them to pulp. Well, you can divide the thighs or retain them whole, as you please.

6. Use scissors to cut the sides of the back bone and them cut them up into chucks.

7. Cut through the mid section of the breast. Now, this whole slice could be used for most of the American recipes. And if you plan for something Indian, go ahead and cut them into chunks.

8. Wash and clean thoroughly, pack them up in a ziploak bags, mark the date and time of freezing.

9. Additionally, you can toss some strong spices into it (marinating powder), so that it keeps fresh for several days.

10. Thaw before cooking.




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