Culinary Tour To India

Culinary Tour To India


India is known all over the world for its cultural diversity as it is a republic of twenty eight states and seven union ruled territories. This brings an excellent amalgamation of languages, rituals, festivals, cuisines, clothes and many other things related to culture. Besides, what really amazes most travelers is its unity in diversity.

Well…coming on to the main topic of this post, The Cuisine of India. Yep, Indian cuisine is one of the tastiest in the world. There is no homogeneity of flavors stretching from North to South or East to West but rather, a real wealth of mixed flavors that is found all over the continent. In my opinion, culinary diversity is one of India’s treasures. In fact, there is so much about Indian cuisine that one should rather talk of “Indian Cuisines”. Each region offers their own culinary distinctive characteristics and numerous traditional dishes. So, here you go…my humble take on ‘What to eat and Where?’. Enjoy your stay in India. :)

Famous Food Of Indian States 

India States

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