National Dishes Of The Countries Across The World

National Dishes Of The Countries Across The World

National Dish -WorldThere are about hundred and ninety six independent countries in the world (2011). Each with distinct culture and different topography…which has shaped this world! Needless to say, cuisine differs from place to place all influenced by environment and culture.

One of the most unique aspects of travel and adventure is the luxury to explore and stay thrilled. :) And, most importantly to taste all those goodness (cuisine) around the world. Its a way to broaden your culinary horizon and calibrate your taste buds, right!

Well…what is a National Dish? (if you ask)The particular dish is strongly associated with the country for several reasons, it could be either its staple diet or consumed during festival. And, national dishes are part of a nation’s identity and self-image.

However, some of the countries like Mexico and India do not have any official National Dishes. Because of their diversity in the culture! It would be very hard to come up with just one National Dish for the country like India, where there are numerous ethnic populations and diverse culture…all coming under one umbrella, India.

Okay…some of these foods, I have listed below may not be very healthy!  And, they don’t fit the scope of any dietary guidelines too. I generally allow myself a few of the local dishes when I visit a new place / country for the sake of curiosity, experience and good time. :) Now, go explore your world. Have Fun. Bon appétit. :)

 National Dishes Of Countries Worldwide

National Dish - World

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