Karamani Kai Poriyal / Long Yard Beans Stir-Fry

Karamani Kai Poriyal / Long Yard Beans Stir-Fry

Other Names: Achinga Payar Mezhukkupuratti. Thatta Payir Milagu Varuval. Long-Yard String Beans Stir-Fry(Indian Style).


Yard beans 1 bunch – chopped
Turmeric 1 pinch
Ground black pepper 2 spoons
Garlic 7 cloves with skin, crushed
Cumin seeds 1 spoon
Mustard seeds 1/2 spoon
Curry leaves few
Oil few spoons.


Heat oil in a pan, add the tempering spices, followed by chopped vegetables. Stir-fry briefly.

Further add salt, turmeric and pepper powder. Plus add one cup of water. Bring this to boil, cover and cook till the veggie is tender.

Once the veggie is done, remove lid and stir-fry over high heat, till oil shows up on the sides.

Serve warm as a side dish for your lunch or dinner.


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  1. This is one of my favourite poriyal..

  2. Ana Powell says:

    Great side dish.
    I am always looking for different ways to cook beans.
    Lovely ♥

  3. Priya says:

    Simply delicious poriyal..

  4. Preety says:

    love the stir frys..simple and yumm

  5. beans stir fry looks absolutely delicious !yummy !

  6. divya says:

    Wat a delicious,inviting and comforting beans fry….

  7. Nice recipe Malar. I like the Cabbage Kootu too. Will try.

  8. My MIL makes this often… And it looks delicious…

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