Kattu Saadham – Olden Days Travel Food

Kattu Saadham – Olden Days Travel Food

Kattu Soru:

Kattu Choru’ literally means ‘Pack Rice’. In olden days, this is one of the method to preserve the food’ for their long journies. The strong spices and tamarind kept their food fresh and aromatic for days. Especially in tropical weather, food goes rancid very quickly…we tend to heat food for long time with lots of hot chilies. Pickling, salting, drying and adding something citric are all some of the basic preserving techniques followed in those days. Though my mother never made this for us…I vaguely remember my grandmother’s cooking, she used to pack this kind of rice for our train journey.


Parboiled rice 1 cup
Tamarind fruits 3 (shelled, deseed & pureed)
Dry red chilies 5
Curry leaves 3 twigs
Chana+Urad dal 4 spoons
Asafoetida 1/4 spoon
Mustard 1/2 spoon
Turmeric 1 pinch
Oil few spoons.


In a pan, heat oil. Add the spices and followed by tamarind puree. Add 3 cups of water. Boil this for couple of minutes.

Add rice and slow cook over low to medium heat.

Once the rice is done, remove from heat.

Pack them in your lunch box, share with your friends and accept the kudos:)


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  1. wow.. romba nalla irukku.. nice recipe..

  2. Preety says:

    my mom used to make this during our 3 days train journey..love it always

  3. simply.food says:

    Lovely rice dish ,never cooked rice with tamarind before.

  4. Malar, sounds simple. I don’t think I ever ate this recipe before. Thanks for a new recipe.

  5. Simple and quick solution for lunch. i love to have them with papad.

  6. Swathi says:


    Amma used to make while traveling. Nice dish. Bring out old memories.

  7. Yummy Team says:

    Lovely rice..looks yummy!

  8. Geetha Achal says:

    I love this rice…My all time favorite

  9. Superchef says:

    this really is one of the tastiest things to pack and take!! Especially wrapped in banan leaves!

  10. PJ says:

    loved the pack rice! tamarind must add such a tangy delicious taste to it.

  11. Dear Malar,

    The name of the post, prick my memories. I could feel the childhood days and aroma of Kattu Saadham (old days girls too..)

    What u made here is Puliogere (tamarind rice.. in Tamil Puli Saadham – புளி சாதம்)


    U look so cute in ur profile!

  12. Aps says:

    I felt this is just like puliogare….. but its a kinda diff :)

  13. shriya says:

    The name itself makes me to cherish those golden days. kattu sadam is most popular in almost all south Indian homes. Thanks for sharing the recipe malar.

  14. Rekha shoban says:

    looks gud one…yummy!

  15. nice recipe dear….even today this comes in handy….good one…

  16. Priya says:

    I call even lemon rice as katti saadham..tamarind rice looks fabulous..

  17. Parita says:

    My mouth started to water just by looking at that imli pic..yumm!

  18. Krishnaveni says:

    tempting kattu saadham my fav recipe

  19. AshKuku says:

    Hmm… Tangy tempting prep…. Would love to savor it on wheels…of course…. Hmm… I am an expert as far as imagination is concerned…. I just go & reach places…. ;-)


  20. nice and yummy recipe.my family’s all time fav.

  21. Leena says:

    Rice looks very delicious….

  22. Malar,,, puli saadham rombha nalla irukku. well said dear,,,we too make the puli saadam for long tour travel days..

  23. jayasri says:

    It looks more like puliyogarai, which we often make for travelling purposes as it stays long, and would taste much better the next day!!, but it has a little bit more process than this and the gojju for that can be prepared in advance and can be stored for an year or so.., This is quite simple and nice, looks awesome!!

  24. Latha says:

    Lovely rice recipe….

  25. Deepa says:

    Lovely rice dish.Thanks for sharing a nice dish with us…
    Hamaree Rasoi

  26. this name is very familiar to me!! kattu saadham or kattu sore, bringing back my childhood memories too!!!
    this recipe method sounds new to me ( cooking rice in the tamarind sauce directly) looks too good!!!

  27. Tina says:

    Delicious rice..

  28. This reminds me of the stories my mom used to tell when I was a kid…people packing kattu sadam and all those :) Great post Malar….sadam looks good. :)

  29. Malar Gandhi says:

    Thanks a lot buddies.:)

  30. Appreciate the way you remembered this yummiest rice now. In my village too, they make puli choru in a similar way. They wont use much spices because of unavailability and I like that simple food very much.Yours reminds me of my childhood days:) Anyway amma makes the same masal and mixes with rice, but my relatives cook the rice in pulicharu just like you. You know dear, some times their package using steamed / broiled banana leaf makes the rice more fragrant. Even now I prefer puli chundal (kattu saatham) over non veg:) Like that whole tamarind picture very much. Superb!

  31. Soma Pradhan says:

    Wow..The tamarind rice lloks super tasty….give me this and buya train tkt..i am ready to travel throughout life

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