Snack Ideas For Kids Backpack

Snack Ideas For Kids Backpack


June 2017 Camera10

The First Day of school was crazy, today. I believe the sentiment was kind of mutual — both teachers and for the parents. :)  I was super-excited, emotional and over-thinking a lot…for a while!!

Hmmmm, the major stress factor is not about meeting the new teacher nor about making new friends! It’s all about the food — will she be able to eat our Home Made Lunch? All these days…I’ve been solely depending on the cafeteria lunch, at the school. Which is really…pretty cool and totally hassle-free! However, at some point…I’ve to take this tough decision of packing the lunch. I am sure, its gonna be a challenge! Hope, we would slowly overcome it. :)

And, for today…here is some of the snack ideas that I follow. Well, I am not a Super-Mom…I do take a lot of advice from my friends. In fact, I am the craziest one…who calls all my friends for an instant solution. And, do you want to know…who is on my speed dial List??

Number 1 - Gita - is Mommy of the twins, additionally a Food Blogger — now, how cool is that? :)
Number 2 – Monica – A young girl with zillion ideas. :)

Snack Ideas For Kids 

  • Fresh Foods: Fruits, Vegetables, Salads.
  • One Ingredient Foods: Bread, Eggs, Cheese.
  • High Calorie Snacks: Nuts, Dry Fruits.
  • Store Bought Items: Cookies, Crackers, Munchies, Donuts…etc
  • Home Made Filling Snacks: Cup Cakes, Indian Sweets, Muffins, Omelettes, Cream Buns…etc
  • Savory Snacks: Masala Pori, Mixture, Chips, Pop Corn, Trail Mix…etc.
  • Home Made Drinks: Sweetened Yogurts, Tender Coconut Water, Smoothies, Fruit Purees, Juice.

Note The bento box, colorful bags, spiral straws, tiny cups holders, cute forks…anything that your child fancies, helps in eating. :) :) Happy School Year, ahead kiddos. Enjoy. :)


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