Kongunadu Cuisine – Coimbatore Meals

Kongunadu Cuisine – Coimbatore Meals

July 2017 - Camera14

The city of Coimbatore (a.k.a Kovai) is one of the major city — located in Tamil Nadu, India. The cuisine of Kongu-Nadu is basically a South Indian food with its own special touch. Most local restaurants still retain their rural flavor. The tradition of plantain leaf spread is kind of strictly followed. And, variety of grains are used in everyday cooking…like Varagu, Saamai and Raagi. The location of the city…right under the foothills of Ooty, makes it lot easier to procure some of the rare English vegetables like Kholrabi, Brussel’s Sprouts, Snow Peas…etc.

Kovai Meals


Other special dishes that I couldn’t cover today, includes: Anganan BiriyaniPallipalayam ChickenKaalaan KuzhambuPaniyaaramCauliflower PakodaPudhina SaadhamKothamalli SaadhamThenga Sevai…etc.



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