Kitchri – Gujarati Style

Kitchri – Gujarati Style


Kitcheri, Kitchri. Cutcheree. Lentil’s rice. Masala Rice. Paruppu Saadham. Pappu Annam. Parippu Choru.

What to write? Hmmmm…what to write? And did you think its easy to write about something (nothing)! Come on, pickup a blog space and start ranting to nobody (for years). And…when the traffic was at abyssal, it was bit easy. Now with few people following…should I improve my standards?! Tok tok, tok tok’…is someone there?!

Ha…what the heck, only very few read my intro’ part after all! What an issue!! I can ‘blah blah’ something stupid and upload my damn food pictures, right!!! I used to be conscious once upon a time(thinking that someone is really underlining my spelling mistakes and pinning down my grammatical errors, promptly). Now, I came to a conclusion (after ‘test running my KM entries’)…no one cared:(


Green chilies
Onion 2 sliced
Cumin seeds
Bay leaves
Basmati rice 1 cup
Mung dal 1/4 cup
Cashew nuts


In a wide vessel, melt ghee. Fry the nuts and raisins. set aside.

In the same vessel, add the spices and chilies. Wait till it cracks.

Now stir-in onions…fry real good.

Add rice and lentils. Also salt…stir fry for couple of minutes and then add water.

Approximately 1:2 ratio water.

Turn it down to simmer…once the food is ready, garnish with nuts and raisins.


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  1. my comfort food…yummmm… love it with dahi and pickle…

  2. chakhlere says:

    Its my best comfort food. Can eat it anytime. Looks lovely.

  3. Dear Malar
    This is one of your best introduction so far. I read each and every word of your blog specially the intro and the ingredients. The process i may not read in detail unless I decide to cook immediately.
    Well pointing out grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes no body does these days. Moreover I am not the right person any more,I have forgotten English language and I use Hinglish (Hindustani+english)
    The other day my daughter called me up from Mumbai to say ” stop blogging, relearn english and start again..your english has become horrible”..I really feel ashamed of my remarkable degradation of english. Thank God I dont have to appear in English exam anymore.
    This Khichiri recipe is new to me. In Bengali Khichri the Dal:rice ratio can go as high as 2:1
    Happy cooking

  4. Anushruti says:

    Nutrition and taste in a plate!

  5. Sarah Naveen says:

    Malar..It happens sometimes, when people are in a hurry and skip the intro ;) ..I tried writing but left it long back ;)
    Kitcheri sounds yummy ….

  6. Nandini says:

    Hahaha…Malar I love to read your intro. Also read your Kitchen mishap entries….thought this one also mishap LOL…Love the color of kitchri and the presentation also.

  7. simply delicious and easy too..

  8. sangeeta says:

    hey Malar i am one person who reads every line always , i do not come every time you post something but whenever i come i read all of the posts n i think you would agree…

    about following , followers n actual readers , i think it’s a funny world and i think the same way when my readers do not seem to read the things i want to propagate n just a ‘yummy’ comment comes….do you read my posts??

  9. Chitra says:

    Sounds and looks too good :)

  10. Spice says:

    O.k girl, let me tell u the truth….I like to read intro more than the recipe…really….so go ahead & keep writing your blah…blahs…somebody enjoys it….BTW gujrati kichri is my fav. Mom makes really good one….pic looks really good…

  11. PJ says:

    looks delicious and an absolute comfort food! This Gujarati khichadi is similar to the marathi version except for onions and rainsins.. looks yummy!

  12. hmm..easy on stomach it with kadhi and pickles.

  13. Tina says:

    Its new to me…..Sounds comfortable and easy…..

  14. sayantani says:

    Malar Intro is one of the important things that make one’s blog special.its almost like a piece of you that you present along with your recipe. we love your memories in those intoductions.

    khichri is something we love as its easy and gives you different flavours and textures in a bowl. love your recipe.

  15. Valarmathi says:

    Yummy one, looks delicious.

  16. sowmya.s says:

    comfort food…love it..

  17. priya says:

    simple, yummy and delicious…..very nice clicks!

  18. Latha says:

    There are many to read ur intro….so no “blah blah” pls :) . Kichri looks delicious….

  19. Abhilash says:

    I would ,love to eat it with a achar.

  20. yummy recipe..nice photo

  21. Malar Gandhi says:


    I do…I do, I sincerely read ur intro’…infact I like to read the intro’ of many…than the recipe itself:)

  22. Priya says:

    Wow such a simple, wholesome rice dish…looks marvellous..

  23. Peanutts says:

    I used to think kitchri was some kind of mushy rice hehehe, looks lovely. I did read your intro very carefully, :) , a recipe without a intro is boring

  24. Kichidi looks delicious. Like the way you presented the dish dear.

  25. Gita says:

    What happened Malar? of course we do care!…I too get very busy some days, still I take the time to read everything.I like the way you write too.

  26. I have never made khichadi… but have always heard .. mygujarthi friends calling it thier comfort food…
    thanks for sharing!

  27. Susri says:

    Kichri looks delicious

  28. Malar Gandhi says:

    Thank you so much girls, for the warm comforting comments. It really means so much to me. I am really moved.

    See, I have been receiving awful lot of anonymous comments saying ‘that I should not host this Event’!!! I thought it would be funny…what sort of ‘kill joy’ person would have said that…so it reflected in my today’s writings (the dull intro’).

    Its good to know that many people cared, love you all:)

  29. Garland0130 says:

    I read the intros, it’s part of why I like this blog over simple “Here is the recipe” sites.

  30. prasu says:

    wow…….delicious and comforting dish dear.

  31. sneh says:

    looks delicious! even the blah blah is nice. I think everybody reads if you write at least I do!

  32. Dear Malar
    Forget about the anonymous, go by what we, your followers, say. I dont even read any comment from anonymous people, simply because I dont leed the comments from them.
    Have a nice week end

  33. tiny homes says:

    I was fascinated with the recipe you posted! I like it! Everything is there in one dish.

  34. Malar,
    I think I’m a bit late to comment here ( I’m a real tube light, will clarify later:):))

    If there are people who don’t read the intros, let them be but think of people like me who enjoy reading your stories and your writings!! whether you consider it as a blah bla or whatever, please do continue, I’m a die-hard fan of intros, I sometimes enjoy it more than the recipe and to tell you the truth, do you know how many times I’ve smiled & laughed while typing in your blog (my daughter has already asked “Mama, why are you smiling?” ); it would be a pity if we just read the recipe and quit the blog !! and moreover, youre an excellent writer, cheer up;
    ps: “Now with few people following…
    you know what? 132 people is not few and even if there’s only one who follow, let it be as far as he/ she is an attentive reader, why not??? Have a nice week-end my friend!!!

  35. Looks very flavourful….

  36. Malar Gandhi says:

    Dear Usnish,

    Thanks for the comforting words. Yes’ why should I care for ‘Anonymous Person’s Comments’! Yeah, will trash it down:)

    I agree, will go by the words’ from my fellow foodie friends and readers, who still want me to write:)

    Thanks a lot for clearing my head.

    Dear Vino,

    It was so comforting after done talking with you…I was so releived, thank you so much, dear.

    I really understood there are people who cared’ what we scribble here. Its good to know that people enjoy reading my intro’ part.:)

    I do enjoy wide range of recipes from fellow food bloggers’…when they write the anecdote’ its like piece of them, It reflects their personality. It becomes easy to communicate with them. I sincerely read the anecdote’ once I get comfortable…I comment:)

    Thanks a lot, my friends…it means so much.:)

  37. Gulmohar says:

    Hi Malar !! Read your intro , I do that whenever I come to your space..In fact I do that whenver I visit other’s blogs since I would want them to read mine as well :D But of course it’s one’s choice , but I would love to read, like many others who do. So pl don’t stop writing..Reg, kitchen mishaps, yes I do had them, countless times, but no pics unfortunately. If I come across something unfortunately (fortunately !) before your deadline, will send it for sure

  38. Malar Gandhi says:

    Dear Gulmohar,

    I appreciate it. We handful of people do enjoy reading the intro’ right. Good to know that ‘number is increasing’:)

    Regarding Kitchen Mishaps Event, pictures are not mandatory, just an interesting anecdote will do.:)

    Wish a happy cooking for you…no more mishaps at all.:)

  39. Dolly says:

    Dear Malar- Keep writing the introduction. I enjoy reading them. Since I’m a faily new blogger myself I’m pretty conscious too as to what I write, how I write. So reading your introduction made me feel good that you felt the same. Also I feel this is a good medium and very therapeutic to say what you want because its ur space after all…Also I do the same. I write a bit of intro too in my blog. Hopefully nobody has yet asked me to stop writing the intro and just proceed.

    So do keep writing.As you know there are are many who care.

    Khichdi is a comfort food to me. In fact I’m just going to make it right now with some Khadi.

  40. Malar i definetly read all the intros and yours too. So don’t think no one cares, but everything is taken note silently. Coming back to the Kitchri sure comfort food.

  41. Dershana says:

    he he, guess am late out is a fact that a lot of people skip intros and sometimes even the recipe too, just glance at the pics and say, “new dish, looks yummmy ‘dear’” and vanish hoping you reciprocate in kind. i read intros if i find time to visit, and, if i like just the intro and not the recipe then i provide a cliched comment too. and…i never miss ‘grammatical goof ups and typos;-)..even mine when i read them again maybe a few months later

    hey,do you read mine?

  42. Anupama says:

    Your intro exactly reflects what I think of each time I post something in my blog. Sometimes I feel that I should not bore the readers by the intro and some other times, it just comes and I start blabbing. Nevertheless, I enjoy reading other people’s intros as there is an element of truth or fun or fact or something interesting in them most of the times :-) .

    I made a similar kichchadi last week, but with a totally different set of spices.

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