Roomali Roti – I Don’t Think I Got It Right!!!

Roomali Roti – I Don’t Think I Got It Right!!!

Trick Really Worked – Ta Daaah!!!

Trick Number One!


Wow…Looks Good!!!

Perfectly Aimed!


Rumali Roti:

Here you go…my first entry for the ‘Kitchen Mishaps Event’. Roomali Roti’- but I don’t think I got it right!!!

Although I have made ‘roomali rotis’ several times back home…trust me, it used to be too soft. Unfortunately never took pictures.:(

This is my first attempt to make roomali roti, here at Oxford. My stove is of glass top(the flat one’). So, I don’t have a choice of using the ‘Indian Wok’ /’The Kadai’ (as it will wobble)! I am pretty much aware that ‘Roomali Rotis’ can be made only on an inverted Indian kadai!! Since I don’t own one, I used my regular pan…very adventurous, huh! It ended up like roomali paappad!:(

I tricked it like a wrap and never said a word ‘what I really aimed at’!!!


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  1. Yasmeen says:

    Roomali roti sure is a tricky one,I had no success either cooking it over an electric stove :D

  2. Dolly says:

    Hats off to you for even attempting Roomali Roti. I love it but have never tried it. BTW yesterday I tried making Rava Dosa for the 1st time thinking if it does’nt work out I can send the entry to ur event. Check out to see what happened …lol Took turn # 4 to get it right. But unfortunately did not take pics of the failed 3 attempts. Don’t worry I have lots of things to try(fail) in my To TRY list….

  3. Dear Malar
    No more hats off to you, because you have already taken all.
    Nothing can stop you, once you decide to cook some thing ( I dont know about any other thing that you decide to do and stopped).
    I will not be surprised if you have inverted a teflon coated pan :-)
    Even if it is like a papaD I will eat it gladly simply because of the great efforts that has gone in
    Have a more exciting sunday than the last one

  4. Kanchan says:

    he he he !! Nice one ,
    even I have got many of mishaps incidents, just hoping before your end date I get one more mishap and can take a pic ;)

  5. Aps says:

    U know day b4 I had a a mishap day b4 but i realized my vessel got burnt so gotta clean it soon… then i realized I cud have taken a clic nd sent it to u… I used to make mistakes b4 my marriage but now m very much careful…. :P … I neve tried roomali roti’s nd same like u i dont have a gas stove :( … good one for the event

  6. Spice says:

    dear, as long as the food is edible, u r good to go, good chefs need not tell(specially to the HE in your life) that I was trying to make roomali roti instead of roomali papad, U just present it as (roomali)papad kabab roll….I hope your non-stick pan is all good & healthy after all that hard time it had to go thru….keep it up….did I said that first pic really makes me hungry now…

  7. PJ says:

    lol.. nice one! I have pretty much given up on making roomali rootis too! If you do figure it out, please do let us know :)

  8. Hey malar….ur roomali roti is not that bad, it luks good.Nice trick of using pan, ur efforts are worth…

  9. Gita says:

    Wow you tried making roomali rotis at home!…that sure deserves a hats off :) …I think it looks good too, compared to the chapathis I make :(

  10. its not that bad also malar, quiet nice…and nice idea to use a nonstick pan…

  11. Chetana says:

    :) …..thumbs up for atleast attempting….don’t care abt the disastrous result.
    why not try making them on chappati griddle….it will dfntly help.

  12. Happy cook says:

    Wow it has come our perfect, have seen this in DK place also .
    Should try them once.

  13. Abhilash says:

    I am not sure but the rumali roti I usually have is softer than this and even bigger and thinner.

    anyways good effort.

  14. hahahha, Malar, creech creech; I went through the same process by attempting to do a roomali roti, mine came out like biscuits :) :) I don’t have the regular stove either!

    I didn’t even bother to take some clicks as I was so irriated with the way it looked!! but I regret so much for not taking photos of my adventure (it would have been useful for the event)
    I ‘ll send one very soon!!

  15. RAKS KITCHEN says:

    Hey I never thought it dint turned out well!!!!

  16. It takes a lot of courage to admit our mishaps. very challenging job to conceal them too. Really appreciate the way you have given the roti a new face-lift:) Perfect entry dear.

  17. Miakoda says:

    Oooh, congrats on nailing that! Definitely looks good! Thanks for the invite- the mishaps event sounds fun. I’ll try to come up with something ;)

  18. quite a tricky one indeed….i am sure roomali papads weren’t too bad…they look pretty yummy!

  19. Priya says:

    I wouldnt have known its a mishap, if u hadnt mentioned… how do u make delicious food even when its a mishap… u r clever..

  20. Cham says:

    I didn’t attempt this roti because of coil stove top! After all it is edible salad bowl!

  21. sangeeta says:

    well , i don’t see it like a mishap is an enthusiastic effort to make something you want badly….moreover i think for roomali roti , making it thin n soft is the main issue n not if it is cooked over an inverted kadai or a flat tawa…though the inverted kadai helps in spreading the roti without any folds….and it has spread on your inverted pan perfectly…no??

  22. Susri says:

    i never taste this:( its awesome

  23. haha good work! i’ll need a new wok to do that !

  24. Anupama says:

    It looks good to me… may be your trick really worked ;-)

  25. Jaleela says:

    I am also making like this,

    my first son likes more (kuboos, roomali rotti, sappaththi, roddi,parota)

    nice roomali rotti

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