Kulfi – A Primitive Form of Icecream

Kulfi – A Primitive Form of Icecream

Kulfi – Creamed Ice: (Reposting)

Indian Home-Made Icecream. Indian Heavy Cream Icecream. Douple Cream Icecream. Malai Icecream. Malai Kulfi. Kesar ka Kulfi. Malai ka Kulfi. Doupe ka Kulfi. Saffron Kulfi. Rich & Authentic Indian Icecream.

Chinese were enjoying the frozen drinks for several centuries(since time immemorial)! Marco Polo(13th Century) is credited with bringing the recipe from Oriental to Italy. Maybe it was Arab traders who learnt the recipe and customized it to their needs, which we call ‘Sorbet’ now. Arabs popularized the frozen sorbet’ throughout the subcontinent!! So, Indians did enjoy frozen treats for a long time!

Like many other countries…people living upon highlands like Himalayas, would have accidentally tasted their frozen sweetened liquid dessert ‘boom’ iced dessert’ was born! Cream ice will be more appropriate name though! It was said that King Akbar(The Great) introduced salt petre in India(15th Century). And kulfi was made ever since! Considering the fact of today’s ice cream (cream being whipped), our (assuming most of my readers are Indians/India originated) kulfi is kind of ‘Technically Primitive’. Probably the later traders passed the procedure of cream ice’ to various countries like Rome and France! Where Romans enjoyed it big time, they improvised it with pureed fruits, enriched with honey and then mixed with snow! Emperor Nero (Who played violin, when Rome was burning down) had special chambers of cold rooms, beneath his Palace.

(I know my above paragraphs are kind of overdose…I am beating around the bush, let me come to the point)!!!

In France (17th Century), they really mastered it…repeated it number of times…churned the cream custard, thus whipped Ice cream was invented. Later, British and French enjoined in reflecting in their cookbooks…all about it!!! Who will globalize it? You know, a persevering American, Frederic Tudor(18th Century), after struggling for about quarter century…succeeded in shipping huge containers of frozen dessert to South America, Iran and India.


Chilled Heavy cream 1 cup
Half and half 1/2 cup
Condensed milk – little
Saffron few strands
Sugar syrup
Cardamon seeds powder 1 spoon
Salt pinch
Skim milk/powder milk – 1/4 cup
Pistachios nuts (powder)1 spoon
Cashew nuts (powder)1 spoon
Almonds (powder)1 spoon
Sliced almonds
Cashew nuts sliced
Pistachios sliced
Kulfi molds – I used short glasses here:)
Saffron – few strands for garnishing


In a heavy-bottomed, non-stick, deep vessel. Heat milk, along with sugar syrup, saffron and cardamon seeds.

Let it come to boil. Then simmer it down. Allow it to consolidate. Reduce the milk over medium heat….by often stirring it. (Like if you heat 4 cups of milk…allow it to reduce to 1 cup) Do not burn the milk at the bottom. As you prepared enough ‘heavy cream’ . Carefully take the cream formed into another dish, set aside.

Now stir in powdered nuts to the remaining milk. Plus add skim milk, half and half and condensed milk. Allow this to incorporate well. Once again allow them to reduce.

Further add sliced(almonds, cashewnuts & pistachios)nuts and remove from heat.

Allow this milk mixture to cool down to room temperature. Then stir in…double cream to this. Mix them well.

Pour this mixture into ‘Kulfi-molds’. Do not pack them with air bubbles or too tight at the same time. Cover them carefully. Now in a tray…gather some ice cubes, throw hand full of salt in it…place the kulfi monds on it. Leave this step up in the freezer for 2-4 hours or until it freezes.

Just before serving, take these molds. Hold them under running water for few minutes. Then remove the cover and scrape the edges of ‘Kulfi’ with fine knife. Now try removing & transferring into a serving plate.

Garnish with saffron strands and sliced pista nuts on the top. Now microwave it over high for 2 minutes, ha ha just kidding! Serve chilled as a dessert.


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  1. tempting ice cream…..looks delicious

  2. Deepti says:

    Kulfi, wow…luking so rich with all those nuts.

  3. Sarah Naveen says:

    gr8 job girl…
    That looks wonderful..Yummyyyyyyy

  4. Soma Pradhan says:

    Love your kulfi..very very rich and creamy

  5. Vrinda says:

    Tempting kulfi Malar…looks perfect

  6. Gulmohar says:

    tempting kulfi…drooling here :-)

  7. Sanjana says:

    This is so cute! Love how you prepared these- Yummy!

  8. Homemade ice-cream yummy yummy..Happy b’day dear…

  9. San says:

    Wow,brings back my childhood memories.Looks aesthetic n tempting.

  10. ur kulfi luks very tempting…

  11. Cham says:

    I am ready for ur kulfi! I didn’t tried from scratch! Tempting one :)

  12. Rohini says:

    Gal you made that at home???! Wow! makes me nostalgic of my childhood where I ran as if on cue hearing the Kulfi vendor’s bell!
    They look simply yum! :)

  13. chakhlere says:

    OMG!! Your kulfis look really yummy and very authentic. Great job!!

  14. kothiyavunu says:

    Am speechless, such a delicious kulfi..am just drooling over the clicks..awesome!

  15. prasu says:

    wow……malar really…really..really superb kulfi dear…..super creamy…..yummy yummm….lovely clicks too…….keep rocking.

  16. Priya says:

    Beautiful and tempting kulfis…

  17. sowmya.s says:

    beautiful pictures…am so tempted to make them soon..

  18. Tina says:

    OMG…Ma all time fav…Looks delicious and perfect.

  19. tempting kulfis.nice pictures.

  20. RAKS KITCHEN says:

    Yummy looking kulfis malar,I have wish to do for long time :)

  21. Latha says:

    Yummy kulfis….lovely clicks.

  22. Dear Malar
    I am now reading your postings and this one is just too good. Please do beat around the bush, I like it more than the recipe :-)
    Whenever I tried to make an ice cream ( other than when I was a graduate student and had food tech and biochemical engineering as my special papers)I always ended up with sweet frozen milk :-)
    I shall venture into this method
    Have a nice sunday ahead

  23. Spice says:

    Pass me one dear ..or i guess two should be o.k. thanks….reminded me of the kulfi we used to eat as kid from the street vendor(kulfiwala).

  24. preethvijay says:

    Hi malar, Tats one of my favourite. Urs looks so gud, OMG am drooling…. Wanna ve some now.

  25. Parita says:

    Wow thats so rich and yummy!!!

  26. Gita says:

    I love the kulfi clicks…looks so rich with all the nuts especially the one served in the glass….I love eating them with a spoon when it is slightly melted :)

  27. Prathibha says:

    looks rich and yummy dear….

  28. Prathibha says:

    Such a creamy and rich kulfi…looks yummy…..

  29. Valarmathi says:

    Drooling here, looks tempting and yummy.

  30. Ms.Chitchat says:

    Hi, first time to your blog. You have a wonderful space and the kulfi looks delicious. Am following you.


  31. so enjoyed your champagne with the kulfi ;-) ????

    whatever fine ice-creams there might exist, this primitive kulfi will alawys remain my beloved one, whoooo, I love it, my son is another fan of it!!!

    you’ve did this from the scratch???? I’m down on my heels to say ” my respects” girl!!! it looks so nutty and perfect; but that one cone wouldn’t be enough for me Eeeeehhhhhhh!!!

    as usual, I enjoyed reading the pre-recipe tales, and I agree i never knew about the origin of the ice cream!!

    believe me, when I read “Now microwave it over high for 2 minutes,….. I said to myself, Malar is giving me an important tip here, hahahaha

    have a nice day !!!!

  32. my kitchen says:

    Mouthwatering kulfi,pass it to me malar

  33. Viki says:

    Very nice write-up on the history of frozen desserts. No one can forget our Madras Ice house too:) Great effort dear. I am sure I can never try it from scratch….you’ve seen mine right:) Why don’t you start a business over this idea.Very lovely post da. No store bought one can stand near your rich gulfi. Want to have one now….

  34. Shri says:

    I am drooling here Malar!

  35. Oraphan says:

    Wow! These ice cream look really yummy! Thanks for the recipe, this would be a great idea to make for my son and his hungry friends!

  36. Yasmeen says:

    Interest research in to the history of Yum Yum kulfi :D

  37. all time fav..neat recipe, detailed xplainations..bookmarking it

  38. Kulfi ice cream looks so tempting and yum.

  39. Kanchan says:

    Kulfi @ home !!!! awesome !! and that too so perfect !
    Hats off to u :)

  40. Laavanya says:

    I’m craving kulfi now after seeing this picture (inspite of it being super cold outside).

  41. Rina says:

    Wish I can have some..luv the smell of kulfi and saffron..

  42. Rajani says:

    very delicious. primitive ice cream!! hehehhe

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