Marina Beach Special – Thenga Maanga Pattani Sundal

Marina Beach Special – Thenga Maanga Pattani Sundal

Beach Sundal:

I feel awful that I didnt fall in love:( Never got a chance to take that romanantic(eeeewh)beach walk…eating that dho’ rupiah sundal…talking sweet nothing(stupid)… master planning to elope away…are the kind of moments’ completely missing in my life:(

So, whenever my friends talk about their pre-marriage love affairs, I will be ready to listen to their story, but fail to catch up the actual romance’. I always end up asking some logical but lame questions and completely miss the fun of L-O-V-E; which will eventually make my buddies very angry at me!!!

Anyhow, so most of my Chennai friends, did have boy friends or friends who are boys or more than a friend & less than a lover kind of relationships(whatever, it doesnt matter now). They used to talk with great zeal, how they enjoyed talking hours together in that dirty beach, in an extremely crowded sandy land,…I dunno whats big romance in that!!!

Few a times, roamed with my friends (girls ofcourse) to marina beach…hmmm, I have to admit, it was really fun.:) I really didnt care much about the filth filled sundal or oily bajji…gosh they tasted heaven. With so many people passing by you…you catch up that energy. I agree, Chennai may be a den of mosquitos, polluted to charr black, rough on innocent travelers…but sure the city and the beach has its own energy!

And I did like the sundal very much, guess that salty air makes it much more incredible. Aaah, what the heck if miss that boy friend stuff…I do know how to treat myself with food, he he:):)


Dry yellow peas 1 cup
Fresh coconut – sliced
Raw green mango – sliced
Cilantro – chopped
Curry leaves
Green chilies
Turmeric 1 pinch
Mustard seeds
Cumin seeds
Oil few spoon.


Soak the peas overnight and cook them the next day, in a pressure cooker…with enough salt.

In a wide wok, heat oil. Add the tempering items and followed by peas. Once the peas are done and no moisture left in the wok, remove from heat.

Now garnish with cilantro, coconut and mangoes. Wow, that is done…enjoy with your companion, people say they taste better:):)


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  1. Swathi says:


    I love this sundal, i miss eating sundal in more thing can you tell me where i can get marathi mokku( I hope writing spelling correctly) in here. thanks

  2. Pavithra says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm partha ippove saapidanum pol irrukuthu malar… I am going to soak peas right away.. my fav one always…

  3. colour is so pretty and sundal is my all time fav one…looks absolutely delicious yet very simple ..

  4. Latha says:

    Ahh sundal. perfecct for the lousy winter weather we are having now. Very tempting.

  5. mmm….yummy sundal..we love this a lot…

  6. oh how I love this! looks delicious..

  7. Tina says:

    Luv the name thenga manga…Looks delicious and yummy.

  8. Priya says:

    Cant take my eyes from the click, thats my fav and love it sooo much…tempting clicks..

  9. Subhashini says:

    Hey Malar
    you have reminded me, my old days before marraige.Me and my boy frn (Who as tied knot to me) used to go in all alternate days there and onion bajji and sundal was our fav.
    Hmm great recipe.

  10. I loved your post :) and equally loved your dish:)

  11. Rohini says:

    So true…. That filty sundal when you have it with that someone special, taste like heaven.. I am no exception too… You made me so nostalgic about those sweet-nothing days!! :D
    Btw, Sundal looks delectable!!

  12. Soma Pradhan says:

    I had been to marina beach so many times..Never got chance to eat this :(

  13. This one looks so chatpata…wow…

  14. Asha says:

    LOL! Malar, you sound just like my daughter when I read your take on “love” and “Romance”. She is very scientific and practical too like you. So cute.
    Yeah, real life and marriage involves more of mutual respect and compatibility than any romantic love which lasts about first 2 years I guess, and then THUD! Back to reality! :D

    Sundal looks excellent, I haven’t made it in a long time.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi Malar….
    hw u get all these things in “USA”.
    i mean where u get all these thing(which shop)?

  16. Looks like the Marina beach sundal….missing it

  17. Jyoti V says:

    Looks so tempting..beautiful click too

  18. priya says:

    wow…looks yummy…so tempting!

  19. shahana says:

    mouthwatering recipe.Anything with raw mangoes is my favorite

  20. Sayantani says:

    LOL never had a love affair, its same here as well. like the sundal. very colourful

  21. Trendsetters says:

    oh my those beach days…love the sundal

  22. Anita says:

    Hi Malar, I liked it so much, nice simple and healthy… I like all of your items..

  23. Gita says:

    I too have been to Marina beach but never took a romantic walk…it was many times with my in laws..he he :) I love this sundal though Malar…thanks for sharing this, we too love this :)

  24. Nina says:

    Ha ha they surely taste better with companion….loved it.An easy and perfect recipe:)

  25. Chetana says:

    Hey Malar,
    Enjoyed reading ur take on BF’s….tho I belong to the opposite species totally filmy n in love….gone thru all those funny stupid moments and done it all…
    In Mumbai beaches we get sumthing similar to dis but wit black chana n is called chana masala…thks for refreshing the whole beautiful memory.
    Cheers gal.

  26. Preety says:

    looks absolutely delicious

  27. Miss this sundal a lot…..

    Sundal looks very tempting dear:-)

  28. Ms.Chitchat says:

    You transported me to Marina Beach for sometime. I am still enjoying ur thenga maanga pattani sundal enjoying the sea breeze, reluctant to return back :) :) Thanks :) :)


  29. says:

    I loved your post and the sundal recipe looks delicious.

  30. Malar Gandhi says:

    Thank you ladies:) Special thanks to you Asha for those sweet-touchy words:)

  31. Sashi says:

    I miss my mom’s version of this. delicious Malar !!

  32. Mmmmm, reviving my golden memories, not with boy friends but with girl friends together we used to cut classes ; whenever we went to beachj there was our favourite non expensive sundal , that was our fav one!!!

    hum, virundhadi vandhadhum vandhaanga, manga, vazhakka, peerkanga, murungakka-nnu anga dhool kalapara polirukku ?? hihhihi

    avanga, namba indian market-ayey thookittu vandhu taanga polirukku :) :) naathu nadathu, everyhting looks great!!! enjoy!!!

  33. Rina says:

    yummy snack dear..beach sides snacks reminds us of the good old childhood days..

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