Mushroom Manchurian – Vegetarian’s Heaven!!!

Mushroom Manchurian – Vegetarian’s Heaven!!!

Mushroom Manchurian:(Restaurant Style)

During rainy afternoons, day dreaming, is so inevitable. I prefer day dreaming, to be honest…it just smacks of sentimentality. Not that a trait, I inherited or anything. Just like to live in my own post-apocalyptic life style…hunting, fishing, foraging, building tools?…

Hmmm, looking seriously to join the hunting troop at Oxford (only thing that stops me is, its so unusual for girls)! Just want to experiment ‘how it would be to hunt and forage for our dinner plate’! What kind of karmic feeling do we actually experience, while doing so!!

Well, for today’s recipe…I didn’t gather this mushrooms for sure. Though I strongly wish to do in future…but I am ain’t sure, how far my instincts are sharp to analyse an edible or poisonous mushrooms!!

Anyhow, I enjoyed this mushroom manchurian at Rain Forest Restaurant, Adyar Chennai with our family friends. Yeah, yeah you got it right…I was accompanied by bunch of vegetarians and that’s why happened to taste this interesting appetizers.:)


Button mushrooms
White pepper 1 spoon
Soy sauce light
Green chilies 2 chopped finely
Green onions(white part alone finely chopped)
Corn flour
Egg whites from an egg
Oil for deep frying
Tomato sauce
Soy sauce heavy
Hot sauce(optional, I didn’t use any)
Onion 1 medium finely chopped
Green chilies 3-4 chopped
Garlic 7 cloves chopped
Ginger 2″ chopped
Green onion 4-6 chopped
Sesame oil few spoons.


Mix salt, MSG, pepper, chilies, soy sauce, flour, egg white and baste them over the mushrooms.

Now deep fry them in warm oil, till golden to reddish brown.

In a separate pan, heat sesame oil. Add chilies, onions, ginger and garlic, saute them. Add fried mushrooms as well. (Well…I skipped this step, as my mushrooms were very hot already and moreover…I consumed some as soon as they were fried, he he)

Now add all the sauces, let it coat to all the sides. Add green onions and remove from heat.

Enjoy. Yummy right!!!


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  1. Sanjana says:

    Yum yum! I adore mushrooms!

  2. vineetha says:

    looks yummmylicious……..beautiful presentation too

  3. Vrinda says:

    Never tasted mushroom manchurian,i hav some button mushrooms here,will giv a try,looks awesome…

  4. Rohini says:

    Your day-dreaming bug caught me too! I am now day-dreaming about eating ur “Mushroom manchurians” :D

  5. Very tempting…according to me mushrooms are the only veggie which comes somewhr near the non veg yumminess!!! I’m not a veg-snob tho… :)

  6. nivedita says:

    Is there any way take this plate!!!

  7. Kanchan says:

    Perrrrfect starters !! And seems so simple !

  8. Jagruti says:

    ohhhh..lovely and mouthwatering dish…love the manchuriyan and fried rice..very colourful..:-))

  9. Looks so so yummy!!… and beautifully presented :) .. wow.. co cute! :)

  10. Sayantani says:

    yes that actually is vegetarian heaven. thats our most fav chinese starter and thanks for sharing this.your dish looks so crunchy and tongue tickling.

  11. Dear Malar

    Present Mam
    (Like in the school day) I am back to blog.
    This is a great dish and I have 3 days before I set sail again…I will resort to virtual cooking and eating
    Have a nice week ahead

  12. Deepti says:

    Even I luv mushrooms n will surely try this recipe…perfect for a get together.

  13. Sowmya says:

    looks perfect..tempting…will try this soon..thanks dear

  14. yummy…….. an awesome starter… definitely a party pleaser…looks really good..

  15. Mushroom manchurian looks very cute dear. Bet , even the restaurants can’t present it like you:) Best wishes for you to dream more:)

  16. Chetana says:

    A very good mushroom recipe….

  17. Parita says:

    Lol…hunting is so unusual choice :) but i dont think anything is impossible for v gals :) mushroom manchurian looks very inviting!

  18. Rekha shoban says:

    wow…looks delicious and cute presentation

  19. Thats so nicely presented , just looks mouthwatering…

  20. Tina says:

    Never tried mushroom munchurian…So colourful and tempting one…

  21. Aruna Devi says:

    wht a tempting dish !!! dear….looks gr8…..

  22. Jayashree says:

    it looks just like the manchurian that you get at restaurants…..lovely!!!

  23. Fathima says:

    looks yummy ‘n spicy… nicely presented as well!

  24. Priya says:

    Omg, yummmm!!!!cant take my eyes from the click, really tempting..

  25. AshKuku says:

    Simply outstanding…. Very tempting……. I loved those full…
    whole….. mushrooms…. the size, color, texture, preparation, presentation & to top it all the captures… ALL SPLENDID!!!! I wanna try it too…. I will….


  26. Supriya Nair says:

    Looks so yummy and perfect…nicely done!

  27. AshKuku says:

    Simply outstanding…. Very tempting……. I loved those full…
    whole….. mushrooms…. the size, color, texture, preparation, presentation & to top it all the captures… ALL SPLENDID!!!! I wanna try it too…. I will….


  28. delicious starters..perfect!!

  29. your thoughts about the day-dreaming give me some interesting ideas to fulfill my deeply buried phantasms too :) :)

    mushroom munchurians look great and I love that easy- to- pick serving style !! have a great day Malar!!

  30. Absolutely delicious!!! Would love to have some dear! and by the way, hunting is quite an adventurous and unusual choice: ) And I like the unusual.

  31. Faiza Ali says:

    WOW !! I never thought of making mushroom manchurian ..that looks sooo tempting and a perfect starter for parties. It sure is vegetarian’s heaven.

  32. Bharathy says:

    WAAHHH! Too good!!! :)
    ..pass me that plate I will show you how to lick clean in hmm…2 minutes ;) ..

  33. Latha says:

    Yummy Yummy…just love mushroom in any form. This reminds me of shivsagar hotel in bangalore :) .

  34. Sarah Naveen says:

    Wow!! Wow!!Wow!!! That looks sooo delicious and tempting…I m drooling

  35. sowmya.s says:

    must try for me..looks yumm

  36. SE says:

    yummy and perfect !! its been such a long time, i;ve made these

  37. Kalai says:

    Lovely recipe Malar..with you desire for hunting! Hope its satisfied in the near future..or at least in ur day dreams:)
    And thanx for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments.
    You have a wonderful space here with beautiful and perfect food recipes & pictures! Am glad to be ur follower!

  38. Yasmeen says:

    I wouldn’t miss meat Malar,the mushroom munchies look fantastic :D

  39. Gulmohar says:

    So tempting..You got the perfect color. What a coincidence, I made chicken manchurian yesterday :-)
    Hunting sounds like lot of fun ;-)

  40. Cham says:

    Look like drumstick! Delicious appetizer!

  41. hi Malar,

    Mushroom Manchurian perfect for an appetizer. Looks so yummy. I am planning to invite some friends this weekend. i got my appetizer.Thanks for the post.

  42. Dolly says:

    Wow, Malar ur Mushroom Manchurian platter looks delightful and colorful.A beautiful and inviting Click. I have to applaud you for your awesome posts and great recipes one after another. Seriously how do you do abt the next post(into) on that..pleasseee..Lets share some Malar Gyaan(knowledge)…and enlighten us- ur fellow blogpals on the art of blogging so beautifully day after day..

  43. Sashi says:

    Wow, Mouthwatering Malar !! Very good presenatation.

  44. Malar Gandhi says:

    Oh dear Dolly, I am just blushing here:) Thank you so much for this lovely touchy words, indeed very motivating to me:)

    Hmmm, no big secret, sweet heart…its you, you’ll the fellow bloggers keep me sustained in this blogosphere.:)

    I really enjoy coming online and visiting everyones place…and ofcourse it gives me happiness to rant about something and update my food recipes every single day. It just makes my day perfect.:)

  45. jayasri says:

    Hi malar, I too make them, with button mushrooms as they very cute and small, that is the only way I enjoy the mushrooms, as I am not a big fan of mushrooms, yours look gorgeous

  46. Gita says:

    The mushroom manchurian looks so cute Malar…I tasted baby corn manchurian in the same restaurant before, it was nice :) this one is new to me, sounds interesting, I’ll try it sometime :)

  47. simplyfood says:

    I am not a mushroom fan but my better half would love it so will try it out.

  48. Peanutts says:

    looks yumm, and thats an appetiser?I can finish the whole plate for a main course

  49. Swathi says:


    Mushroom Manchurian looks really good. This dish is new to me.

  50. Dershana says:

    love the way that manchurian looks. but totally at loggerheads with you on the hunting issue :-)

  51. Spice says:

    mushrooms that too fried ones, what else do I need…very inviting platter…..btw me too love to day dream……no major efforts & so many tasks can be done….ha..ha..

  52. nisha says:

    Loved your presentation

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