Pasta Alfredo – Pasta it is!!!

Pasta Alfredo – Pasta it is!!!

Pasta Alfredo with Stir-fried Vegetables and Fried Shrimps on the side:

Cook Penne pasta as given in the box-directions.

Rinse and retain the shells. Mix with your favourite Alfredo’s sauce, I like the one which has lots of garlic and mushrooms.:) Sprinkle a lot of Parmesan, as though you were waiting for me to suggest…duh!

Now for the side dish, if you’re vegetarian…choose your favourite veggies. I picked broccoli and zucchini…not that I liked, but just had them in the fridge, lol.

Well, heat olive oil…add garlic powder?(yeah powder), salt and chili flakes(optional). Stir-fry vegetables briefly and set aside.

Here I come, Shrimps:) Okay, heat up the skillet, add olive oil. Put-in the garlic powder, chili flakes and shrimps…stir-fry for couple of minutes and add the tomato puree. cook over high heat…until the shrimps turn crisp and aromatic. Wow, its done.

Well, arrange them in a platter and treat yourself or others.


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  1. Mausi says:

    Pasta Alfredo sound so good right now. It photo is mouthwatering. I just want to grab it and eat. The great part is that it has also some vegetable and Shrimp! Shrimp is one of my favorite food!

  2. Priya says:

    YUmmm!! delicious pasta dish…

  3. Swathi says:


    Pasta looks colorful. I think yummy too

  4. huuuumm, pasta , crispy shrimps and veggies, sounds delicious, cheesy, filling, colourful and well balanced!!!

    that’s a nice, easy and quick to make dish, delicious plate you’ve got there Malar!!!

  5. Asha says:

    My daugter’s fave Pasta dish is chicken and Pasta Alfredo, looks delish Malar. Shrimps look fiery and yum on the side.

  6. Vrinda says:

    Lovely and pretty pasta…

  7. Chetana says:

    Malar the shrimps looks soo inviting….

  8. do you have a alfredo sauce that you like ? i have never made it at home, but abo love it…

  9. Soma Pradhan says:

    Very very yummy pasta…will try out soon

  10. Sanghi says:

    How are you da?? Pasta looks sooo goood..! Yummy!

  11. Rekha shoban says:

    yummy pasta…looks colourful

  12. Pavithra says:

    Looks yummy fav menu..platter looks delicious..

  13. Tina says:

    Wow….so creamy and yummy…

  14. AshKuku says:

    More than the pasta, I am eying those delicious shrimps…. I love them so much…. Indeed very delicious they are…. & your prep looks very pleasing too…..


  15. Parita says:

    Pasta meal looks delicious! I am planning to make some on the weekend!

  16. wow what a platter,mouthwatering one esp the prawns…

  17. BeenaShylesh says:

    delicious………ummmm and colour full…

  18. homecooked says:

    OMG….my eyes directly zeroed on the shrimps. IT has such a rich and a tempting colour. Everything looks perfect on that plate :)

  19. Nandini says:

    Delicious platter! YUMMMY!

  20. Latha says:

    Oh my pasta, shrimps, veg…..yummmmmm.

  21. Gita says:

    Thatz a very delicious platter Malar…definitely a comfort food…love the shrimp :)

  22. Padma says:

    Lovely platter. Definitely a perfect wholesome meal also looks very colorful Malar.

  23. priya says:

    delicious n yummy!

  24. Sayantani says:

    Oh we are a family of pasta lovers. anytime we can have it. this looks lovely.

  25. Preety says:

    love pasta, your recipe sounds great

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. says:

    A really fast and easy pasta dish.

  28. Sashi says:

    Cheesy pasta with fried shrimp.. wow mouth delicious combo ..

  29. Just pass me the plate Malar will go tru the recipe later:)

  30. Siddhi S says:

    wow what a superb meal malar…lokks super yummy

  31. Dear Malar
    Yesterday , I typed some comment but now I see it is just one word.
    Very nice recipe specially the bottom line ” SHRIMP” sauce
    have a nice weekend

  32. Peanutts says:

    Hello dearie :) , your posts always cheers me up :) , nothing fancy and also the chatty way you write:) . Have nice weekend

  33. Valarmathi says:

    Lovely platter…looks tempting and yummy.

  34. Aparna says:

    Yummyy yummy ..i m drooling..:)

  35. i’m literally drooling!!!!!!!

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