Snow Cones From My Back Yard:)

Snow Cones From My Back Yard:)

Snow Cones with Roof Afsa Syrup

It has been a long, frightening winter…with lots of cold and dark days n nights. Its officially Spring, though sleet won’t stop. One thing I like about snowy, breezy evening is…not watching TV, just go gaze through the plain window for a natural show. Most of the time’ step out to the yard and play like a child.

Okay, Girls its play time in Mississippi. Let’s get our hands dirty and run in the field. Ouch, watch out…it really hurts to walk down without proper shoes or gloves. After done enough with snow balls and stuff…its time for some snow cones! A similar treat’ could be whipped using scrapped ice or crushed ice, topped with your favorite syrup. Voila, that’s it…lick it off like a baby, there you go’ you are already aware of it:)


You probably know, its not healthy to eat fresh natural snow! By doing so, you may be inflicted with flu!! However, if you want to have some fun, go ahead and try to collect the snow in a clean bowl…directly while it is showering. Do not collect it from the ground, please!


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  1. NIDHYA says:

    That sounds fun for sure..sad that we have rain all day :(

    Aaha Oho

  2. arthi says:

    very interesting!!will try to get frsh snow next time :)

  3. Priya says:

    Thats an brilliant idea..

  4. seems like u had lots of fun collecting fresh snow :)

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