Snow Peas Stir Fry – Cheating Myself With More Veggies!!

Snow Peas Stir Fry – Cheating Myself With More Veggies!!

Snow Peas Poriyal:

I am finding it hard to drag myself to the kitchen! I am getting lazy and lethargic, due to weather. Waiting for the sunshine, desperately. Otherwise this winter was rather good and pretty fast too! One thing’ I like about winter is…making that special trips to farmer’s market to take look at the fresh produce.

That is how…when I first saw this veggie…I was thrilled and related it with our ‘Indian Broad Beans’…later discovered its just ‘young pea pods’:( Anyhow, when I cooked it for the first time…it turned out very sweet and not-so-edible!! After that, never cared if they resembled ‘avaikai’ or not:(

Well, somehow…there was time, when I ought to comprise with this veggie and bring them home! But, now pre-planned the recipe artfully with lots of seasoning to disguise it. In order to suit the needs of an Indian palate. I can’t say I failed…it ended up better this time:)


Snow Peas – finely chopped 1 bowl full
Spanish onion 1 grated
Ginger 2″ grated
Fennel seeds 1 spoon – crushed
Cumin seeds 1 spoon
Red chilies 5
Coconut 1/2 shell grated
Turmeric 1 pinch
Mustard seeds 1/4 spoon
Curry leaves few
Coconut oil few spoons.


In a wide wok, heat oil. Add the mustard seeds, curry leaves and grated onions. Fry real good, till fragrant.

Meanwhile, blend the coconut, cumin seeds and red chilies. Set aside.

Now add the snow peas, salt, turmeric and fennel seeds powder…cover and cook briefly. Followed by wet-ground paste…fry real good, till fragrant.

Serve warm to go with your South Indian Meals.


14 Responses so far.

  1. looks great- i thought they were our avaraikkai,nice flavourful stir fry

  2. WOW…delicious stir fry dear! I’ll have it just like that…;)

  3. Delicious looking stir fry…

  4. Suman Singh says:

    Love this kind of easy and delicious stir fry..looks healthy n yummy!

  5. Tina says:

    simple n delicious….

  6. Wow i always steam them but never tried in this way. Looks yummy.

  7. Priya says:

    Snowpeas stir fry sounds simply delicious, would love to have with a bowl of hot rice..

  8. Vidhya says:

    I too had the same experience with snow peas when I tried them first.Your stir fry looks ideal for our Indian tastebuds.

  9. says:

    This stir fry looks delicious I like the idea of adding coconut.

  10. divya says:

    Absolutely mouth watering…tempting color ..

  11. Divya Vikram says:

    Nice way to cook the snow peas :)

  12. Sangi says:

    simple snow peas stir fry.. love the coconut n cumin paste added to it..

  13. delicious stir fry…love to have it with some rice..

  14. Gosh how beautiful they look loving the colour!

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