Spinach Pakoda – Munchie Time

Spinach Pakoda – Munchie Time

My girlfriend visited me. :) Hope you already knew…that I don’t cook to the people I love the most. :) Yes, no torture by cooking. Because she can’t take all that non-stop chatter plus this!

So…We decided to dine out. Browsed for a nice Thai Restaurant in the locality. And, once the GPS said…take left, take right…we did dutifully…only to land ourselves in the middle of no where. There was a dirty sign board saying ‘We Specialize In Thai’ in front of a dungeon! From where some stray dogs pounced towards us! I cursed myself for not updating my maps.

Shun GPS, and drove aimlessly for a while. The hungry mind works bright. Took a correct road on the fork…which clearly led to an exciting new place. There were strip of restaurants…Chinese, Indian, Thai and Korean. But, that idiot voted for Indian! Probably the smell of aloo and bhindi rose her senses.

Food? When I asked for a lentil’s soup, they had put some left over basmati rice and topped it with a ladle of dal! I would have been better off, if eaten those leftovers I had at home! And, the cook had real sense of humor…he had stuffed Brussels sprouts in those parathas. Alright, now…you food bloggers…try this at home  by all means! But not when I am invited, okay!

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