The Zodiac Diet – Menu Ideas!

The Zodiac Diet – Menu Ideas!

Every one are so different, when it comes to our food preferences! Some people like hot and spicy meals, while others crave for chilled desserts and some cannot stand the smell of spices! Yep, its very hard to please everyone in the dinner table. So, if you wanna fix a dinner and clueless what would appeal your significant other…you can take a look at this chart! Its sort of astrological guide with some recipe ideas. Hope this works like charm into a bright foodie future. :)

Zodiac Signs

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Zodiac Sign

                                                Menu Ideas

Born between Mar 21 – Apr 19. Aries loves anything hot with bold ingredients, such as chili peppers and garlic. They are fickle, their taste changes from time to time. If you wanna entertain Aries, a multi course meal would be a perfect thing to appeal them.
Taurus Born between Apr 20 – May 20. These people are highly sentimental and seek emotional pleasure while they dine. Anything down-right to evoke their childhood memories or Mommy’s best recipes would easily touch their senses. :)
Gemini Born between May 21 – June 20. The most conversationalists, so a cocktail dinner party would be a best choice. They are not exactly picky eaters, however they expect novelty in everything. Include an exotic dish in the menu and see the difference. :)
Cancer Born between June 21 – July 22. Comfort meal it is. Something traditional would make a good impression on them. Its better to make them feel at home first and bring it on the food to the table. A sense of belonging would do the trick. :)
Leo Born between July 23 – Aug 22. They are lavish food lovers. They crave hearty meals with rich dressings, something well-centered in a spot-light. Pick an extravagant meal planner, and make it highly memorable. They may want to brag about it, later. :)
Virgo Born between Aug 23 – Sept 22. They are purists and naturalists in fact. They would be very content with plain wholesome food. Try to impress them with whole grains, millet and wild greens. Just toss a salad and invite them. Yep, you won’t be sorry.
Libra Born between Sept 23 – Oct 22. Sweet tooth Libra’s seek harmony and balance in everything. Prepare a sweetmeat of your choice, its easy to win their hearts! Bear in mind…sweet delicious treats, only when they choose to eat!
Scorpio Born between Oct 23 – Nov 21. Scorpio’s have an intense love affair with food. They really have a complex and sharp taste buds. You will be bewildered to see their grocery shopping list! Whatever you plan to cook, make sure to procure them fresh and take bit extra care while cooking.
Sagittarius  Born between Nov 22 – Dec 21. Sagittarius are world travelers. They enjoy all exotic foods…absolutely no complains. They love to experiment unfamiliar, rare or even bizarre ingredients. Just trust their instincts…they won’t let you down. :) I am a Sagi. :)
Capricorn  Born between Dec 22- Jan 19. A traditional foodie. They are often displeased with any newfangled cuisine! Perhaps bit status-conscious and their dinning habits generally signify how much they want to re-affirm themselves to the group-clan-family or lineage. Just go by their plan, you don’t want to regret…do you?!
Aquarius Born between Jan 20 – Feb 18. Inviting an Aqua for dinner would a best decision made. They are so fun to be around. Though, they are not exactly adventurous type, but they do appreciate good food. Something tangy and savory would be a good choice. Enjoy their company. :)
Pisces Born between Feb 19 – Mar 20. They are the most creative people in the group. Probably its a good idea to prepare a beautiful, stunning meal and garnish artfully, decorate the platter and most importantly present it in an elaborate manner. I am sure they will love it. :)

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  1. oh wow!! never knew something like this exists….diet based on zodiac signs!!!

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