Tomato Special – Round Up !!

Tomato Special – Round Up !!

Country Chicken Tomato Curry:

Fish in Rich Tomato based Curry:

Thakkali Thokku:

Araithu Vitta Rasam:

Ramzaan Pachadi:

Paneer Tomato Curry:

Tomato Specials:

Lycopene is an open-chain unsaturated carotene that imparts deep red color to the tomatoes! Lycopene is insoluble in water and soluble only in organic solvents and oil. The double bond present in them between 2 carbon atoms, yeah…that is the one, is responsible for that deep stain that you get every time you fix tomato based food…on the white plates, cooking vessels and on your shirt / fabrics (if you stained with tomato pickle, ketchup or sauce…its kind of hard to remove)!

Though lycopene is important factor for various bio synthetic pathways (at cellular level). Technically it ain’t that important nutrient for a human body, though we all widely use them in culinary!! Lets keep this info’ aside and look at the bright side!! Anyways, they are powerful antioxidants!! As usual they posses all the beneficial factors that an antioxidant should posses! Yea, Yeah…they neutralize the free radicals, there by reduce oxidative stress and prevents aging(cellular level). So thumbs up!!!

The interesting thing here is…neither eating them raw or juicing will won’t fetch the goodness!! So naturovores, please think again!! Sometimes ‘cooking’, well…again I mean, ‘Proper Cooking’ can only yield lycopene(bio-available)!!!

If you still prefer to eat ‘raw tomatoes’, may I suggest to add a slice of butter to it! If you prefer adding them to your salads, kindly add olive oil/any oil for the dressing!!

Caution: Though lot of people think tomatoes are good for cancer and especially prostate cancer, research has not confirmed it yet! Like most of the vitamins and minerals, high intake of tomatoes(or any lycopene rich fruits) can be dangerous, laterally! As over eating tomatoes shows highest risk of having cancer!! Over intake of calcium rich tomatoes may also considered responsible for kidney troubles! Moderation is key for everything.

Well…all these recipes are going to Sanghi’s tasty bites,’Tomato Event’!!


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  1. meeso says:

    Wow, all those pics looks so tasty! Nice round up!

  2. Nice clicks.. nice entry.. looks perfect.. i like araithu vitta rasam. my fav rasam.

  3. Ann says:

    Wow,thats such a rich post..both contentwise and dishwise…well informative post…and would like to try the first two ones at the earliest Malar….superb clicks..looks spicy

  4. All the dishes look so colorful and yummy, the chicken kuzambu is my favorite. Thanks for the information about the tomatoes :)

  5. Sanghi says:

    Hi Malar,

    Was wondering as i didn’t receive any delights from you as you’ve always been my inspiration..!
    Thanks for the entries, do mail these and to whom you dedicate these..!:)

  6. Pooja says:

    wow nice roundup..all the dishes are yumm malar…

  7. Ushanandini says:

    Whoa! Wonderful round-ups! First time seeing you sending recipes to an event (I think so. Not so sure!). In pongal (2009) time, I just came to know you had over 1200 recipes and blogging since 2005! My mom warnsme not to eat so many tomatoes because it causes kidney troubles! My hubby loves the tomatoes without seeds. All recipes look colorful and tingles my stomach with hunger!

  8. Lavanya says:

    nice pics n nice ddishes,,all are yummy malar.nice info on tomoto :)

  9. Deepa Hari says:

    Wow…what a lovely collection Malar?…i loved all the dishes…nice info. abt. tomatoes.

  10. Trupti says:

    wow Malar so many tomato entries. Looks mouthwatering

  11. Vibaas says:

    wow u have a yummy mini round up here :) thokku and rasam look very tempting :)

  12. Ashwini says:

    Nice entries Malar..EVerything looks so tempting.

  13. Lavi says:

    Paneer Tomato Curry-is a new combo.
    Thakkali thokku Super!!

  14. Madhumathi says:

    Interesting tomato recipes!
    Thanks for sharing the useful facts about tomato..

  15. Varunavi says:

    Lovely recipes.I liked chicken tomato curry.

  16. oh..grt grt..everything looks so yumm..:)

  17. hai malar…..lovely recipes and nice post on tomatoes……

  18. sangeeta says:

    very good information malar……..we should be able to use nature’s bounty in the best way suitable to us…..all entries are tempting as i have not tried tomatoes in south indian flavors too many times………in delhi they use a lot of tomato in each n everything, so eating out sometimes is like a tomato overdose ….he he…

  19. Nice entries for the event da. Especially I love that Ramzaan pachadi very much. Tasted it few times and fallen in love with them.
    Ys , the info about the carbon bonding is much useful. Cooking Tomatoes is a must .My aunt, who is a prof. in Zoology used to emphasize this fact to us always. But I have never taken it seriously till I read ur facts. What is the use of eating them raw, without breaking the carbon bonds! U know Malar, in TN, the authentic recipes donot call for adding tomatoes.Instead they go for Tamarinds. Quite interesting post.

  20. wow.. great dishes.. love ur tomato thokku, paneer curry and araithu vitta sambar.. looks very inviting..

    and thanks for wishingmy parents.

  21. Nice reddish roundup, the first two are my weak points :)

    learned something new today, about “Lycopene”; as many of them I suppose, I was absolutely convinced that eating tomatoes is good to prevent cancers, but never knew that it might be the contrary if abused (like many other things, isn’t it ? :)
    good information and keep it up dear!

  22. Yasmeen says:

    All those tangy tomatoes dishes look finger licking good.But I’m unable to access them.Another thing about tomatoes,they are high in sugar.

  23. ARUNA says:


  24. Dhanya says:

    All the pictures look very nice and delicious.I am a huge fam og thakkali thokku.

  25. I nvr peepd in here so missed this event but i loved the round ups…

  26. Vishnu says:


    Tomatoes contain oxalic acid, which when taken in very high quantities directly leads to kidney stones.

    My motto: Everything in moderation.

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