Yennai Kathirikai – The Unconventional Way

Yennai Kathirikai – The Unconventional Way

Yennai Kathirikai Masala:

Ennai Kathirikkai Masala. Brinjal Masala.

My whole blog’s only goal is to achieve the authentic preparation of my regional recipes. And the word authentic’ makes no sense sometimes…as most of the spices(integral part of Indian cuisine)are brought to India through early rulers and travelers. Imagine the food without chili powder! It must have been once authentic!! It is so hard to believe that, people managed with only native vegetables(that doesn’t include potatoes cauliflower, beans, peas, cabbage, turnips, carrots, radish, snow peas, chow chow, beets, etc). What Rama would have eaten? How vegetarians were once content with just turkey berries and wild greens!!! Its really mind blowing.

Anyhow, coming back to the point, even though at each and every post I claim ‘Authentic Preparation‘ I really feel awkward using such phrase. All I could say is, I just try to retain some level of perfection, what my Mom and Grandma cooked. That is why I keep asking country dwellers and old people…how they temper their food, whats the method of making perfect curry and so on.

Well, Yennai Kathirikai/ Spicy Eggplant Masala is a specialty dish in my area. We make it entirely different. Take a look here, please. When AK cooked his family adopted version, I was all skeptical to take a bite. I couldn’t agree that this is also called ‘Yennai Kathirikkai’(with zero tamarind and lots of poppy seeds and no tempering at all)!!! As I told you before’ I like the food, cooked other than myself’ very much (yes, sometimes it happens). Now, started appreciating all the (so called)unconventional recipes(??) as well.:) This tasted great:)


Small Violet eggplants 6-8
Green chilies 3 slitted
Curry leaves
Garlic 6 cloves
Puprple onions 6 small- sliced
Tomatoes 6 small – chopped
Poppy seeds 2 spoons
Cashew nuts 5
Grated coconut 1/2 shell
Cumin seeds 1 spoon
Turemric 1/2 spoon
CHili powder 1-2 spoons
Sesame oil few spoons.


Blend 2 onion, 2 tomatoes along with salt, turmeric and chili powder. Set aside – step 1.

Wet-grind poppy seeds, coconut, 1 green chili, cumin seeds and cashew nuts. Set aside step-2.

In a wide wok, heat oil. Add wet ground paste number 1. Saute till the raw odour leaves the pan.

Followed by remaining chilies, onion, garlic…fry real good. Add tomatoes and continue frying.

Now, add sliced egg plants. Cover and cook. Once the egg-plants are half the way done, add the wet-ground paste 2. Remove the lid and cook for a brief period, once the oil shows up on the sides, its done.

Serve to go with chappathis and rotis.


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  1. Nithu Bala says:

    Yummy..really a unique recipe..have to try sometime soon..

  2. Ennai Kathirikai sounds very interesting and very tempting..

    Wonderful clicks :-)

  3. sangeeta says:

    Ah yes…the word authentic seems such a misnomer sometimes…:)
    even the aaloo is not indian by origin n we make such authentic indian recipes with it…
    this brinjal masala looks rich n flavorful ……

  4. wooowww,,, suda suda ennai kathirikkai kuzhambhu,,, looks delicious n mouthwatering,,, superbbb curry ,,,

  5. Yummyy dish.. looks awesome & perfect.

  6. Soma Pradhan says:

    Good Food prepared accidently after loads of experiments done by forefathers of our forefathers are authentic food now..May be grand grand children see our blogs and call our experiments as authetic …:D Teh brinjal urry looks really divine.

  7. Pavithra says:

    mouthwatering malar . I like the addition of cashews and poppy seeds to the gravy which normally I dont use for enna kathirikkai.

    yumm yummm kathirikkai

  8. I never see a brinjal this like this, this look interesting !!

  9. This version of yennai kathirikai is very different. I agree, when people get bulk amount of tomato and expensive grocery they tend to modify the real tamarind based curry:) Lovely curry. Your another version is also nice.

  10. Latha says:

    kathrikai looks delicious. Must try dish.

  11. sounds tasty and looks yummy!

  12. Sarah Naveen says:

    oh this curry looks awesome..perfect with rice..

  13. You have rightly termed it to be an unconventional preparation. However, by the looks of it looks to be very tasty and fulfilling recipe. Love to try it out soon.


  14. hahahaha, I’m confused about the word ” authentic” :-\
    nee yenna kozhappi vitutta!!!!

    but all that matters to me is the taste… this sounds unique, guess I can say that :) :) don’t know which is authentic & which is not now…. :-\:-\

    this recipe must be equally delicious with that nutty touch and the nice flavours of coconut and sesame oil…. this is a must try!!!
    Pssst: In fact, I do yennai kathirikkai (or at least believe it is one )with tamarind and, yellu and tempering too…. but I’m all ready to give this version a hearty try too !!!

    I love everything!!!! cheers!!!

  15. PriyaRaj says:

    This version of yennai kathirikai is diff & nice.. looks hot ….Next time will try in this method ..

  16. Swathi says:


    This Brinjal curry looks good.

  17. Yummy Team says:

    This dish is new to me. It looks so delicious!

  18. AshKuku says:

    Those smoking pics are so leasing….. I loved all those pictures…. But as usual I am not ‘egg’cited because they are not eggs but eggplants….. ;-)


  19. Priya says:

    Yennai kathirikkai with cashews and poppy looks really awesome,creamy and rich..loved ur version Malar..

  20. A very unique dish and sounds incredible!

  21. Jagruti says:

    Delicious and tasty recipe!! Brinjal my faviourate vegee..

  22. Divya Vikram says:

    Ennai kathirikkai sounds tangy and delicious. Wish I had some with rice now!

  23. A very interesting recipe:) looks delicious! I love brinjal:)

  24. Gita says:

    This ennai kathrikai version sounds and looks good Malar :)

  25. Yummy Team says:

    Hey Malar,
    We would like to pass on the Sunshine award to you :) Please stop by our space to accept it.

  26. Aparna says:

    luvly & clicks too nice, nice bowl too

  27. Preety says:

    really nice recipe..great addition of cashews and coconut..will give a try sometime

  28. nice variation to the usual eggplant curry.. adding cashews will make it more richer.

  29. Suhaina says:

    Hi Malar,
    You have a very beautiful blog.
    I love Brinjal very much in any form.

  30. Gravy looks very delicious malar..loved the recipe…

  31. Rekha shoban says:

    mm…feeling hungry…looks thick and yummy!

  32. BeenaShylesh says:

    loks super and tempting…

  33. Parita says:

    Curry looks extremely delicious! I am sure with cashews, poppy seeds and coconut it must have tasted rich!

  34. Krishnaveni says:

    it is my all time favourite recipe and it looks great

  35. Tina says:

    Very rich and delicious…

  36. There are so many eggplant dishes in the last few days, One more on my list to try!

  37. Jaleela says:

    மலர் சூப்பர் டிஷ் பிரியாணிக்கு ஏற்ற சைட் டிஷ் ,

    இதில் முந்திரி, கசகசா சேர்த்தது நல்ல ரிச்சாக இருக்கு

  38. Sashi says:

    Will give it a try sometime, liked the smoking pics !! lol

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