Perumaal Koil Thayir Saadham – Temple Food / Iyengar Style

Perumaal Koil Thayir Saadham – Temple Food / Iyengar Style

Perumaal Kovil Thayir Saadham:

Spiced Yogurts Rice. Spicy Curd Rice. Tamizhar Thayir Saadham.

Aaaah you got me there…being an atheist raving about Perumaal Kovil Thayir Saadham!!!

Thiruparkadal is a small village, about 100 km from Chennai. The place is famous for a Hindu temple. Sri Ranganathar…actually the beauty about the deity is ‘he is on sayana(sleeping)position’…Thirupaarkadal Aanandha Sayanam!

Anyways…the Gurukkal is our family friend(right from my childhood days). Whenever Pappa intends to make yognas at home…Nandha Kumar(Gurukkal)will come with his troop of 15-20 Hindu priests to perform it. Nandha, himself is a gifted cook…when he visits home(off his priestly duty)…I pull his leg a big time to fix something for me! He is one class of gem…never get offended, when I tease him for the big time. Mommy learnt several authentic temple style preparations through him.

Later when I moved to hostel, I started to miss my mother’s special food, especially Nandha tweaked ‘regular comfort food’. I used to call mommy and ask for the directions…she is smart enough to hold, one big secret from me, each time…until I really beg her. So today, here it is the famous ‘Perumaal Kovil Thayir Saadham’ quintessential part of ‘Tamizhar Food’!!


For Rice:

Short grain, Raw rice 1 cup
Sesame oil few spoons
Milk 2-4 cups
Yogurts 1 spoon.

For Tempering:

Cashew nuts 1 fistful(no halving business)
Chana + Urad dal 1 fistful
Ginger 2″ chopped
Green chilies 3-5 chopped
Peppercorns 1/4 spoon
Cumin 1 pinch
Asafoetida 1/2 spoon
Mustard seeds 1 spoon
Curry leaves 3 twigs
Sesame oil few spoons.

To Garnish:

Raw mango 1 small – chopped roughly
Cilantro leaves few.


Cook rice along with salt and sesame oil…till tender and really soft. While it is still warm…mash it using a spatula.

Meanwhile boil milk and cool down to room temperature.

Once the rice is also in lukewarm state…add lukewarm milk to it. Mix well. Further add 2 spoons of yogurts to it. Cover and allow it to curdle naturally.

Heat oil, in a separate pan. Add the tempering spices one by one and fry till fragrant and crisp.

Run this seasoning over the yogurts rice made above. Garnish with mangoes, fried nuts and cilantro leaves. Enjoy!


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  1. Asha says:

    Made your eggplant Mor kolumbhu, so yummy. Husband liked it too, thanks for the recipe. I will post that at FH next week.

    This rice is my favorite with any Pulao or Bisibele bhath to go with it or light lunch. Looks great! :)

  2. Thayir Saadam with pepper corns, new twist to me.

  3. Ushanandini says:

    It looks so good and yummy. It’s one of my favorite dishes! I make them when I’m too lazy to do anything. Especially during the summer days…

  4. n33ma says:

    Good authentic Tamil recipe,somehow temple food always taste so different and good rite?

  5. Thayir saatham in kovil style looks yummy. Raw mangoes and this authentic curd rice makes me craving. Very rich thayir saatham . Hats off to mom and Nanda.

  6. Thayir saatham in kovil style looks yummy. Raw mangoes and this authentic curd rice makes me craving. Very rich thayir saatham . Hats off to mom and Nanda.

  7. Madhumathi says:

    Thayir sadham is looking rich and delicious..My all time fav comfort food ;) ..

  8. Deepa Hari says:

    I love thayir sadam…very comforting and nice way to end a meal…the ones made in temple always taste great.

  9. Cham says:

    Curd rice pickle or moor milagai, I will be done! Looks yum!

  10. Lavanya says:

    I dont take curd much..but your rice looks yummy..want to have it :)

  11. sangeeta says:

    i love curd rice but never had it with raw mango……….this one is drool worthy.

  12. delicious thayir sadham malar !
    love the mangoes in it….

  13. Thayir Saadam is my idea of real comfort food…yours looks delicious…you have a great collection out here

  14. My only prob with Thairu sadam was,its kinda bland..U solved the would like to have this..comfort ffood malar..:)

  15. AnuSriram says:

    Wow… Thats very much authentic Malar!. Now i learnt that from u.. Made this yesterday along with some variety rice. Will post that tomorrow.. But mine did not come so well and now i know why? Missing few ingredients!!!

  16. Mangala Bhat says:

    wow ! my fav dish looks little different..adding raw mango picies ..looks yumm dear ..Thanks for sharing :)

  17. Delicious recipe..I am sure adding raw mango makes this more tasty..

  18. OMG, perumal koil thayir sadham kanbichu rhomba tempt panriya Malar…I wanna to have this now itself..I love this..Very authentic one…Superb dear..

  19. Priya Sriram says:

    As always, I love Thayir Saadham, especially prasadhams from temple. Thanks for sharing the recipe Malar!

  20. Lavi says:

    Congards Malar on your own Domain Kitchen Tantra!!

    Thiruparkadal kovil exact a enga irukku. we love to visit Ranganathar temple’s and my son’s name is Ranganathan too.

    Keep writing on Tamil Blog too..

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