10 Things You Should Know About Food Bloggers

10 Things You Should Know About Food Bloggers

There are few things that you should know about food bloggers or foodies in general! Well, it may sound lil bit weird to proclaim ourselves as ‘Foodies’ & ‘Food Bloggers’. But, you got to accept the truth…that we are bit deviant than the general public! We take food pictures of every plated meals that we dine and use various food terms while we chat! Hmmm, honestly…its not that simple as you might think. Yes, we are bit eccentric! Just deal with it. :) P

  1. Never attempt to even ask us about our current BMI. Yes, you could even ask our age, credit card pin numbers, salary information…but not this, okay! Yeah, I mean it!
  2. Don’t even think of asking us  to name your child / or anyone’s child for that matter! We will probably come up with something that sounds more delicious! Hmmmm, be prepared for cute names like this: Alu (potato), Thaen Mittai (Honey Candy), Rosgollow (You don’t know what a rosgollo is???? You kidding…you need to rush up and try this sweet or else you can never rest in peace in your eternal life)
  3. If you are planning to lose weight? Well, good luck to you! But, don’t bother us with your new diet regimen! Its really getting on my nerves. Come on…we may be good at knowing the facts about all those nutrient info’ and some of us are even good at dishing out healthy stuff. But, we can’t resist that riiiiich, creeeamy….dreeeeamy Bahara Baingan for  too long!
  4. Please forgive us with big heart. We are basically good hosts! But, you see…we got to take some pictures before we would serve you! Yes, its very important to us…to get a nice picture of every rasam, thayir, mor we whip! So, please wait up. We love you. :)
  5. We have a huge check list of ‘Recipes’ that we ought to try before we die! So, there wouldn’t be any repetition in the house. Hmmm, be prepared for the surprises. What the heck…yeah, there are good and bad days. Sometimes, the dishes will let us down, once in a blue moon…it might even rock your day! So, what am trying to tell ya…is…’No Predictability In The Menu At My Home’. So, tolerate me.
  6. Hey, you don’t know that there is a Mexican market on highway 11, near Thomasville?? (only 22 miles from our home). Then, you must be an idiot (sorry, that’s my opinion / foodie’s opinion, I mean). Oh yeah…we spend several agonizing minutes to wing out our plans for the weekend. That is to jump into the wagon to go to the ethnic market after market…endlessly all round the clock! To name a few: International market, Korean market, Chinese market, Mexican market, Indian stores, Farmer’s market, local flea market, Walmart, Food Lion, Lowes, Trader Joes, Harris Teeter, Amazon dot com and much more. Get the picture????
  7. Wanna plan a menu for the feast? Think again! I have a bundle of recipes to try, will buy a truck load of goodies to play with…will also browse endlessly (read it as feverishly) all the blogs…to come up with some nice sweets! Or simply put…its overwhelming. We go panic-y before Deepavalli, Pongal and New Year. :(
  8. If you wanna take me out for dinner? Its better to leave the choice to me! For example: You want to try Italian…but, if I say French cuisine is the best around this area. You ought to agree with me. No choice! Because at the end…you will lose, I will win! Never argue with hungry tummy (we foodie’s are always hungry / craving ). :) :)
  9. We spend a hell lot of money on groceries. You’ll be bewildered to see the grocery bills! Yes, just to make the food taste right, we go to great lengths of shopping and of course, some of the stuff that we sneak into those dishes are highly expensive. Its always worthy in our euphoric world. We see everything in neon, when it comes to food. :) :)
  10. Last but not least…actually, this is very important point! We love food. We like people. Yes, its not a typo…I mean it. Get a grip. Its the bitter-truth. I am telling ya…many wouldn’t. :)

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