Badami Laddu – Break The Routine!

Badami Laddu – Break The Routine!

Shri Krishna 21

Like many women, I would love to admit it too… its kind of cute to watch men cook! Hmmmm, I am also working hard on the part to forget and forgive those aftermath mess they create. It was rather an unusual day, when AK said…he wanna help me with cooking. Strange huh? I too thought so. :) Although this was my exact mind voice – Help? Me? Why? What are you thinking? You crazy or what?…but I didn’t speak it aloud. :)

So, after few minutes…my Gourmet Chef showed up in my domain and dutifully demoted me to Sous chef status! He announced…he wanna prepare ‘Almond Laddu’ . Thus, I helped him with little things like…bringing in almonds and grinding it to perfection; When I said lil cardamom wouldn’t hurt…he made me to pound it too.( Me and my big mouth.) Then, you know the rest, right…I tossed some sugar, melted ghee, and mixed and shaped it up into tiny tiny laddus.

Voila…there you go, AK cooked the most amazing dessert on earth for me. Wow, wow…cho very sweet. :)


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