The Physics Of Blender

The Physics Of Blender


Components Of A Blender

  1. Housing – The base of the blender, it contains high speed, fan- cooled electric motor and controls.
  2. Blades – either attached permanently or can be detached and screwed back!
  3. Jar
  4. Gasket or seal ring – it prevents leakage, it fits snugly into the jar.
  5. Jar base or jar nut
  6. Lid – it screws on to the jar.

Blender Mechanics

To understand the mechanism behind the blender…lets follow the path of these tomatoes, that have been dropped into the jar to blend. Most of us assume that blender cuts the food directly using its fast spinning blades and turns the food into smaller size. But, its not! Well, cutting is the first stage of blending! However, once the stuff become smaller and begins to flow…the circular whirring motion creates a vortex (a spiral movement in a fluid). In the blender, the fluid includes both liquid ingredients and air. The vortex causes a vacuum at the center of the jar, which pulls the tomato toward the middle, much like a tornado. But, unlike a real tornado, here…the blender jar limits the vortex.­

As the tomato begins to liquefy, the liquid follows the blade in a whirling motion around the container, forming a well near its center. The well in the center of a blender’s vortex is shallow, so it displaces the blender’s contents as they’re drawn toward the axis at the center of the blade. The whirling motion and lack of space below the blades forces the liquefied tomatoes up and out the sides. This circular pattern continues, whipping air into the contents, which helps mix the ingredients more quickly, or until you hit the button “stop” on a blender. So, the final result is a frothy homogenized juice.

Well, this is for liquefying stuff. Now, if you are wondering why some of the stuff always look chunky or just tiny and not with expected smooth texture?! See, the pieces don’t get processed any further for apparently two good reasons. One, they are too small to be a target and number two, its quite fundamental…it demands more energy to do so, which these humble blenders don’t have!

Wisdom Its not like talking to your stupid partner or silly friends, you know…where you go on and on with the same topic (araicha maavaiye araikkiradhu). So, once you did some blending, you got to let it go. Yeah, I mean it…it can’t blend everything, alright! The more smaller the particles…the blades won’t hit them. Or at least, it can’t do so…unless it has further more kinetic energy (things that I know very little of).

Note If you are wondering, why all the sudden a dumb post today? Its quite simple..I wanna prove to my Someone, that I did fairly decent (read flair if you are dumber than me) during my junior high, besides star gazing. :) :)




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