Broccoli Casserole – Flavors of Southern Cooking!

Broccoli Casserole – Flavors of Southern Cooking!

Broccoli-Green Beans Casserole:

Another important dish, that is close to heart. No one could turn this down, after a hard day’s work. Speaking of work’…I mean real physical activity, okay. In this new age of information world…work is something that is confined to cushioned chairs, driving to destinations, or even making a phone call for scheduling an appointment!!! If you want to realize the pleasures of old time, now move it baby…mow your lawn, today (don’t call Andy to do the chore), clean up the garage, burns 350 calories in 35 minutes…and now you deserve the treat, don’t you?! Experience the real meal n tell me how you feel…isn’t it comforting, worthy?

Ingredients: (Serves Four)

Rice 1 and 1/2 cups
Broccoli 1 head – florets
Green beans 100 grams – no trimming
Corn kernels 1 small cup
Button mushrooms 1 cup sliced
Milk 2 cups
Mushroom cream soup 1 can
Fried onions 1 cup to garnish
Butter few cubes
Grated cheese to garnish
Pepper powder to taste 1 teaspoon, per serving.


Melt butter in a crock pot, add rice enough salt. Further add water and milk, cover and cook.

Once the rice is half the way done, add cream soup, plus all the vegetables. Maybe be add a little more salt for the veggies.

Cover and cook till tender.

Now, finally add fried onion, cheese, pepper powder.

Serve steaming hot. Enjoy:)


15 Responses so far.

  1. Tina says:

    yummy yummy….

  2. SheenaBabu says:

    Colorful and healthy

  3. I have been wondering about casserole all these times…your recipe is so comforting and inspiring me to do it…thanks for the wonderful recipe, Malar.

  4. divya says:

    Mind-blowing gorgeous broccoli casserole…….

  5. Jay says:

    wow…wat a fantastic presentation Malar..sounds healthy n delicious..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  6. Priti says:

    Yum…looks delicious

  7. Hi Malar

    Brocolli casserole looks so healthy and colorful. Wonderful preparation.
    Hamaree Rasoi

  8. Sanjeeta kk says:

    The casserole looks delicious and Broccoli being my fave. might try soon :)

  9. Suman Singh says:

    I love broccolis, but haven’t tried them in casserole yet. This looks yum!

  10. Vidhya says:

    Wow an easy and yummy dish.Loved it.

  11. Priya says:

    Broccoli casserole looks absolutely comforting and delicious..

  12. Raji says:

    Wonderful recipe malar…looking so delicous.

  13. Healthy n wow dish loveee it!!!

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